FCPX Maps 1.1


Generate a detailed point-to-point map animation by entering start and end locations using FCPX Maps. Create close-up maps that display real cities and streets of any location in the world, or zoom out to show travel from country to country. Adjust maps in 3D space to get dynamic angles and add additional points to display stops along the way.

*FCPX Maps uses a third-party map generating website known as Mapbox.com. You will be required to create a free account to operate this plugin. Please see the installation tab on this page for how to install this particular plugin. This plugin requires an internet connection during use and Administrator access on an individual’s Mac in order to use all associated controls.

**FCPX Maps can only be used commercially if the user pays Mapbox’s media licensing fee.

***FCPX Maps is compatible with Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 – 10.6.5 on Intel Core Macs.

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