Photo Shake

Slideshow Theme for FCPX

Photo Shake is a robust slideshow production package stuffed with amazing Final Cut Pro X content. Users can show off personal media in the self-animating environment shot that gives users full control over the shake of the camera and on-screen controls for adjusting the orientation of the scene with ease. Photo Shake comes packed with 8 scrolling transitions and 10 title presets including openers, text layouts, lower thirds and a stylizing overlay.  Photo Shake is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive.

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Slideshow Theme with Photo Shake in FCPX


Professional - Slideshow Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Completely Customizable Environment

Photo Shake comes with an incredibly easy-to-use environment shot that gives users controls conveniently divided into sections within the inspector window. Adjust the amount and speed of camera shake along the X, Y and Z axis separately to create infinitely unique camera movements. Randomize the movement with the click of a button and utilize the on-screen controls to adjust the position, rotation and depth of the scene. The environment also comes with customizable text, focus controls, and stylizing video effects like sepia, saturation, contrast and value.


Professional - Slideshow Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Stuffed with Totally Unique Text Presets

This package is loaded with unique content so that users have the most possible control over stylization. 4 title openers and 5 lower thirds are included in Photo Shake so that users have a total of 9 text presets and 7 unique text layouts to choose from in addition to the text found in the environment itself. Photo Shake’s minimalistic text layouts give users the tools they need to add stunning text animations to their productions effortlessly.


Professional - Slideshow Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Beautiful Scrolling Transitions

Photo Shake provides users with 8 scrolling transitions. To use, first choose between transition presets with a springing scroll or a constant speed scroll. Then, narrow the selection based on how many drop zones are scrolled through on the way from Scene A to Scene B. Next, drag and drop the selected preset in between two clips in the final cut pro x timeline and navigate to the inspector window to choose the direction the transition animates to. Finally, upload personal media to presets including drop zones.


Professional - Slideshow Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Complete Package for Final Cut Pro X

Users are given all the tools they need to make a beautiful slideshow production in Final Cut Pro X using Photo Shake from Pixel Film Studios. The environment shot provides users with all the controls they’ll need for editing and the 8 given transitions ensure that users can move seamlessly from one shot to the next. Animating text layouts give users the ability to introduce people, concepts, places, events and more with style so that users can save precious time. Top off scenes with an overlay give the production cohesive stylization.