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  • Chris Studder Avatar
    Chris Studder
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Very great company, Tech support is immediate (as long as you contact within their business hours)
    And they are very helpful!!!
    Highly Recommend!!

    Patrick Oliverio Avatar
    Patrick Oliverio
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I have loved all of the plug ins I have purchased through Pixel Film Studios. HOWEVER..... I just purchased a new M1 MacBook Pro and I was disappointed to learn none of the plugins I have purchased work on the new MacBook Pro. There’s a message buried deep in the... read more

    Sasha Howard Avatar
    Sasha Howard
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I have to say that Pixel Film Studios has thee most awesome customer service! I was so confused only having 7-8 months of experience in editing and not understanding what specs to look for when purchasing a plug-in. Stevie was my helper and Stevie was wonderful! I couldn’t understand how... read more

  • Jordan Christensen Avatar
    Jordan Christensen
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Great Customer service. They were extremely helpful, learning a new program can be a bit overwhelming and stressful because I am very impatient but they helped me set up the program and when it stopped working after I updated my computer they helped me set it up again and I... read more

    Daniel Mello Rodrigues Avatar
    Daniel Mello Rodrigues
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Have just bought a plugin and had some issues during installation. Costumer service walked me through and solved it fast and easy. Graeat plugins, best service.

    Yo Ghoori Avatar
    Yo Ghoori
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    What a fantastic job they just did I had some issues loading the color lut and the customer service rep walked me through step be step so smoothly and easily was able to fix it! Great products and great customer service thanks!!!

  • Don Djdspins Akadamnya Avatar
    Don Djdspins Akadamnya
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    This is my 4th product now and I AM LOVING IT SO MUCH I am searching the site for more products I will be using in the near future. I would definitely recommend to use the products if you're a FCPX editor. It really helps with time efficiency.... read more

    Michael N Viviana Avatar
    Michael N Viviana
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios offer Awesome Plug-Ins for Final Cut Pro make my job easier and add great production value to my videos. the only time I had an issue with their plug-in installing I was able to contact their support team through chat and within minutes my issue was resolved.... read more

    Irving Diblasio Avatar
    Irving Diblasio
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I bought the BRUSH GLOW plugin is wonderful, but when I changed my computer for a new one, it did not allow me to install this plugin and the truth is that it bothered me a lot, but I contacted PIXEL FILM STUDIO here and they helped me and now... read more

  • Jay Hen Avatar
    Jay Hen
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I joined facebook just to write this review. Bought the Tracker software and this dummy couldn't download it correctly, but customer service walked me through it. The tracker software will cut my workflow over half. I am stoked about this.

    Joe Wiz Avatar
    Joe Wiz
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    LIVE CHAT WILL FIX ANY PROBLEM YOU HAVE!!! These hard working people are amazing, and easily help you through any problem you have!

    Justin VC Avatar
    Justin VC
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Top ! Super service client en cas de problème, ils sont très aimable. Le catalogue est aussi important de bons plug-ins pour vos projets !

  • Justin Morrow Avatar
    Justin Morrow
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    This is my 3rd product from Pixel. Their products are great and their service is stellar. Highly recommend!!!

    Samy Chelly SAMY CHELLY Avatar
    Samy Chelly SAMY CHELLY
    - Trustpilot

    Good products Good products ! perfect support , and very reactive developers !

    Nuno S. Avatar
    Nuno S.
    - Sitejabber

    Support! I've been a customer for so long I cannot remember, besides the amazing products, that are relevant, helpful, original and always up to date with trends and audiovisual needs, the support is A-MA-ZING! In all these years, I only had a few minor issues, and I always got a solution... read more

  • Dean D. Avatar
    Dean D.
    - Sitejabber

    Awesome effects and fantastic support I purchased the ProGun plugin. Among the good variety of included presets, the mini fire blasts and bright flashes made gunfire in my Final Cut Pro X look awesome. They were very effectively integrated (appearing right in the titles area of FCPX), were easy to use and had many adjustments... read more

    Herbert Brown II Avatar
    Herbert Brown II
    - Trustpilot

    Great Customer Service PFS has excellent customer service and they are quick too. I received a solution to my problem (operator error) within 5 minutes!

    Steve White Avatar
    Steve White
    - Trustpilot

    Prompt and friendly Having upgraded to the new PFS, I was having issues with the Visualiser, it would install but wasn't fully functional. As an international customer, I had to use the virtual char initially, but once it was picked up by a Pixel customer support agent, they began to assess the problem... read more

  • Christen R. Avatar
    Christen R.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent Troubleshooting & Quick Resolution My support from PFS was awesome! I reached out because I recently bought a new FCP X plugin (Pro3rd Shift) but couldn't get it to work after installing. My support member knew exactly what the issue was (my Mac was missing a folder in the OS system), showed me how... read more

    Kieran P. Avatar
    Kieran P.
    - Sitejabber

    FCPX text animator plug in error So my computer hadnt installed the plug ins properly and I was getting the red error warning that meant plug ins were missing. I waited for the support help (4pm UK time) and was quickly helped to resolve the issue. Using screen shots it was very easy to resolve. I... read more

    Quinn Messner Avatar
    Quinn Messner
    - Google

    great products and extremely helpful

  • Caroline S. Avatar
    Caroline S.
    - Sitejabber

    Saving our mind on Updates! I teach film at a small community college and we had a dino version of ProWall, that did bot allow us to upload - worked with the online chat and they were amazing and fast, and helped us get the new rebuilt upgrade of the program for free even after... read more

    Luka G. Avatar
    Luka G.
    - Sitejabber

    Issues with Installation... Solved! We would have been done in 1min if it wasn't for me being slow, very nice and clear instructions, super easy to follow and done in no time! Thank you, Luka

    Ace.Studios Avatar
    - Google

    I have been a user of Pixel Films Studios products for a few years now and have used and loved the FCPX plugins I have bought from them. The costumer support is top notch. I recently had an technical issue with a plugin and the costumer support staff walked me... read more

  • william Jeurissen Avatar
    william Jeurissen
    - Google

    Submitting my trouble with a plugin this people had some kind of angel's patience trying to get a beginner FCPX user on track! And they succeeded!!!thumbs up for their performance!!

    Ryan A. Avatar
    Ryan A.
    - Sitejabber

    Fixed Within 10 mins! Having purchased some plugins for a project I had nothing but trouble trying to install them. I had a live chat with the support team and they helped me fix it within 10 mins. Could not be more pleased!
    Now off to create Christmas based masterpiece!

    Stu F. Avatar
    Stu F.
    - Sitejabber

    Very patient staff and professional service! Okay so first of all, if you're working on a Mac and FCPX, these guys are the masters of FCPX plug-ins. They've a massive choice of slick, modern and professional products. But more importantly, is that they have a HUMAN support staff 9-5. Who are super patient and take the... read more

  • Benjamin Matthews Avatar
    Benjamin Matthews
    - Trustpilot

    Service is fast and easy to follow Service is fast and easy to follow. within 3 mins my problem was fixed. one of the best services I've encountered on the internet. Well done 👍👍👍👍

    Byron S. Avatar
    Byron S.
    - Sitejabber

    Great products and Customer Service! Love the good looking smooth products and easily resolved an issue with their live customer support!

    David A. Avatar
    David A.
    - Sitejabber

    Superb service Pixel Film Studios is the best FCPX plugin company. Tops in products and service. I rely on their plugins every day. I'm an Emmy Award-Winning editor, and their plugins make my work so much easier! I used their plugins to make a SECOND Emmy-nominated film this year. Love, love, love... read more

  • mario martinelli Avatar
    mario martinelli
    - Trustpilot

    plugins are great but the real star here is the customer support! bought 3 plugins and had some trouble installing... their customer support guided me through the process, with clarity and super fast response... pretty happy with it... and soon I'll post another review or update talking about the plugins... but if they look anything like the demo videos.. they are killer...... read more

    Daragh Kelly Avatar
    Daragh Kelly
    - Trustpilot

    Great products with great customer… Great products with great customer service!Would definitely recommend.

    Paul Q. Avatar
    Paul Q.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent Product Support I rarely write a review but on this occasion I just had to.
    I updated my Final Cut Pro to the latest version and unfortunately it deleted the excellent Pixel Film Studios Wedding Flora plugin and folders. I contacted Pixel Film Studios support on a Saturday expecting the earliest reply to...
    read more

  • joanie D. Avatar
    joanie D.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent Products and Service Pixel Film Studios provides great customer service. They are fast and customer-oriented. I have been buying their products for a couple years now and I am very happy with the product/service.

    Casey E. Avatar
    Casey E.
    - Sitejabber

    Quick and efficient support I had an install issue but my problem was solved quickly and efficiently. Only note... the "live support chat" link is difficult to find on the Pixel Film website. Thanks!

    Chuma Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Awesome customer support Awesome customer support. The live agent was very helpful with step by step support and screenshots to help navigate around the solution.

  • Gfs Soft Avatar
    Gfs Soft
    - Trustpilot

    Super support in LiveChat for FCPX MAps Hi, I bougt FCPX Maps and had problems to get it work, because I did'nt take care of the hints to the system requirements. But fortunately with a very fast and super support by the LiveChat I got the app working on my "little" MacAir. A second question concerning the... read more

    Metal Sir Avatar
    Metal Sir
    - Trustpilot

    help desk very very good help desk very very good. guys really helping and finding solutions to any kinds of problems. Had 2 big issues and they stayed with me step by step for 1,45 hours until the problem was fixed. really loved my purchase and the service itself. KUDOS

    Chloe Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Amazing support Amazing support! They were able to help me with a straightforward solution. It was easy to solve the problem in a timely manner after trying to figure out myself.

  • Melenie McGregor Avatar
    Melenie McGregor
    - Google

    Great customer service! I emailed asking for help installing a tricky plug-in and they promtly emailed me back with a link to a live chat and walked me through resolving my problem in minutes.

    Armando Diva Avatar
    Armando Diva
    - Google

    What I love MOST about PFS is how much choice you have in their wonderful wonderful product gallery. Each plugin is perfect in it's own way and will help you to upgrade your work. Also a big shout-out to their customer service who always helps you the best way they can.ArmandoBelgium

    Maheep C. Avatar
    Maheep C.
    - Sitejabber

    Amazing Customer Support Pinged up the LIVE Chat and they fixed my issue in 15 mins. Amazing people. Know what they're talking about.

  • Matteo Bulgarelli Avatar
    Matteo Bulgarelli
    - Trustpilot

    Great great chat support Great great chat support, solution found in just a few seconds (which is crucial for this type of products)!

    Kelly Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Easy to use, excellent service I have the credits plug-in. It's very easy to install and use.Service is excellent. I had some issues after a final cut update the the team at Pixel was quick to respond and very helpful.

    Michael R. Avatar
    Michael R.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent Customer Service Pixel Films Studio was fast in responding to my issue. They pin pointed the root of the problem and solved my problem within minutes.

  • Chuck Massey Avatar
    Chuck Massey
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios offers a fantastic… Pixel Film Studios offers a fantastic product!Production value to dollar spent can't be beat with anything I have used. We used the FCPX title plug-in to produce the virtual graduation for our high school. It worked flawlessly and looked like a big budget production that aired on our... read more

    Danny Fung Avatar
    Danny Fung
    - Trustpilot

    Highly Recommended!! I highly recommend Pixel Film Studios to anyone thinking of adding value to their workflow! Additionally, they are always quick and very responsive with any questions you may have in order to help out their customers! Quality products and quality customer service! 5 Stars!!

    Michele Simioni Avatar
    Michele Simioni
    - Trustpilot

    Excellent and fast support I have had a problem with auto tracker plugin (my mistake) and they provided me an excellent and fast support to solve it

  • Lorenzo H. Avatar
    Lorenzo H.
    - Sitejabber

    Great, Fast, Customer Service! The customer service was very good! I had an issue with a plugin not working properly after installation. My issues were resolved and it was a straight forward process with clear direction in what to do. Didn't feel too overwhelmed or anything for the directions given to fix my issues.... read more

    Mica C. Avatar
    Mica C.
    - Sitejabber

    Customer support I was having some exporting/graphics issues with a plugin I purchased from Pixel. It's the Handrawn elements mega pack (which is really cool btw). I contacted their support team via chat and had the issue solved within 10 minutes! Now my video is exporting as expected!

    Megs Reinking Avatar
    Megs Reinking
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I had installation issues and submitted an email for tech support. I received a reply immediately with a link to a live chat - got a real person on the chat and resolved a problem that was making me pull my hair out in only a few minutes. So fast... read more

  • Graham Yates Avatar
    Graham Yates
    - Trustpilot

    Refund Request Good Service I purchased FCPX Maps 1.1 and after trying it found it was way to complex for my needs, approached support for a refund which they immediately did after I acknowledged their Terms and Conditions. Thank you and well done

    Flo Sous Le Casque Avatar
    Flo Sous Le Casque
    - Google

    The plug-in site I recommend for your videos!The plug-ins are amazing and work great! it will add magic to your content! A problem? Support is there to help you very quickly.Thank you Pixel Film Studio!

    Yevhen S. Avatar
    Yevhen S.
    - Sitejabber

    This is the best Support I ever met! For the first time, I faced the need to contact PixelFilmStudio support and I got the impression that I was talking not with an employee of the company on the other side of the world, but with an old friend! I received a detailed answer to my question and advice... read more

  • Michael L. Avatar
    Michael L.
    - Sitejabber

    Always reliable Pixel film studios Always respond always take the time to fix the problem and always polite and nice and helpful. What more can you ask for?

    Jean Charles Salvin Avatar
    Jean Charles Salvin
    - Trustpilot

    great plugin to fix my lens dirty marks… great plugin to fix my lens dirty marks and good support team

    Jesus Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    I used your products since I started… I used your products since I started doing video editing, and I am really satisfied with everything I have bought .. I have taken my content to next level .. Thank you PFS you can see my videos here: @Focusmedia360Corp (Instagram)

  • Cedric Bautista Avatar
    Cedric Bautista
    - Trustpilot

    Had some trouble at first Had some trouble at first, but got all the support I needed from their customer service live chat. You think it's the software but it's probably because you're not doing it right, lol. Would recommend this software to all film makers.

    Megan Gillas Avatar
    Megan Gillas
    - Trustpilot

    I found the service representative… I found the service representative helpful and I find myself impatient which was wrong. Thanks you despite my attitude.

    Cody Sweeso Avatar
    Cody Sweeso
    - Trustpilot

    Pixel Film Studios nails it! Pixel Film Studios' plugins are an absolute beast for Final Cut Pro, making the application more advanced than ever before. Pixel Film Studios also have very good customer service that helps with most issues and a great YouTube channel for tutorials on almost everything Final Cut Pro related. Would highly... read more

  • Denis B. Avatar
    Denis B.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent service! Had problems with my plug-ins not showing up or not working properly. They have quite a few solutions posted on their sites, but none worked. Logged in the chat and spend around an hour with me, trying to figure out what was going on (including a folder that seemed to... read more

    ciel s. Avatar
    ciel s.
    - Sitejabber

    Plugin wasnt working Chat was very helpful, I am not the smartest with the computers but they were able to walk me step by step even though I was confused and had no Idea what was going on. Then what ever they had me do worked very pleased

    Jon-Tore D. Avatar
    Jon-Tore D.
    - Sitejabber

    First time user. I just started using FCPX. I was searching for a glitch plugin and landed on FCPX Glitch. Installed it and it did not work :/ contacted support and got help within a couple of hours 🙂

  • ALLIE NYC Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    All plugins show solid red screen error. Issue Resolved. I was having a problem with the most recent plugins not working and not showing and getting a solid red screen error message on export. I contacted tech support via chat which I like and as always I got a very quick response. I explained the issue. The agent understood... read more

    Theo Hall Avatar
    Theo Hall
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    If I could give you guys 10 stars I would. This is by far the best help via internet. I have ever experienced!! I wish more companies would follow the lead of Pixel Film Studios!!!

    Patrick Copeland Avatar
    Patrick Copeland
    - Google

    Purchased a FCP plug-in and had an issue with functionality within FCP. I went to live chat on the Pixel Film website, and they guided me through a resolution. Plug in is now working as expected. Thank you PFS. Patrick Copeland.

  • Chuck Franco Avatar
    Chuck Franco
    - Google

    Amazing products! I was having a hard time figuring out how to use the tracker so I went to their website and talked to a chat support rep. They helped me figure everything out right away and I'm now back to making my videos in no time!

    Anthony Auspelmyer Avatar
    Anthony Auspelmyer
    - Google

    PHENOMENAL Customer Support. Purchased a plugin and was having trouble installing. They got it up and running for me in no time!

    Danny Fung Avatar
    Danny Fung
    - Google

    Simply amazing customer service!! Fast, efficient and friendly! I highly recommend their products and their support is fantastic whenever you need any help!

  • Jiraz Pipatwasin Avatar
    Jiraz Pipatwasin
    - Google

    Your support are awesome!While i very hurry to delivery my work, they can help!10/10 recommended.Actually, please fix the installer. So people don't need to disrupt the support team. Thank you 🙏

    Blake Southall Avatar
    Blake Southall
    - Google

    Great products and even better support! Ran into some issues and started a chat...all problems solved in less than 10 minutes! Can't beat that!

    Chris Smith Avatar
    Chris Smith
    - Google

    Great plugins, and really helpful customer service! Thanks for the help.

  • Wild Inspired Labs Avatar
    Wild Inspired Labs
    - Google

    Pixel Film has the best customer service! Within minutes of logging into the live chat I was directed to a customer service rep who solved my problem within the first sentence. Can't beat it.

    David N. Avatar
    David N.
    - Sitejabber

    Problem solved instantly I had a problem where a plugin stopped working after a FCPX update and none of the recommended actions worked. But instead there was another way to go which the support localized instantly and a big project was saved!

    Henderson king Avatar
    Henderson king
    - Trustpilot

    All I can say is WOW!!! All I can say is wow, I ran into some issues installing one of their LUT packs, ended using their live chat support and within no time they had me up and running! I definitely will be buying more stuff from Pixel Film Studios.

  • Chadwick D. Beltran Avatar
    Chadwick D. Beltran
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    Pixel Film Studios has amazing customer service!! I got stuck with the red screen error when I tried to use the effects I purchased, but their online customer service was able to help me within minutes! 5 out of 5 stars! Would definitely recommend for everyone to purchase from them.

    Andrew B. Avatar
    Andrew B.
    - Sitejabber

    Awesome service! Customer Service was amazing! Easy fix for my issue I had! Quality of plugins are incredible as well. Thanks!

    Philip M. Avatar
    Philip M.
    - Sitejabber

    Excellent product, excellent service! Pixel Film Studios were absolutely unsurpassed with their service and well as their product. I buy all my plugins for FCP from them. Not only do the plugins work but their tech support especially Chloe makes sure it is sorted out if there is a problem/glitch of any kind. I... read more

  • instaSHINOBI Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Quick and knowledgeable support! An Apple update to Final Cut Pro X broke many third party plugins. Pixel Film Studios support was very knowledgeable and helped me fix the problem quickly through their live chat. Very impressed!

    Ugo S. Avatar
    Ugo S.
    - Sitejabber

    Notice I bought ten plugins a few days ago
    Unfortunately I encountered a lot of problems due to the new update of final cut pro.
    I therefore directly contacted the after-sales service and I was directly taken care of by the members of pixelfilmstudios. As soon as they saw my problem, they did...
    read more

    Antoine Pierre Dutilh Avatar
    Antoine Pierre Dutilh
    - Trustpilot

    Brilliant plugins with detailed… Brilliant plugins with detailed descriptions of their functions, and amazing customer service. Highly recommended!

  • Uyen Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Exceptional Service! I was having problems with my FCPX LUT Loader and submitted a ticket to Pixel Support for help. Their response was extremely quick (within a few hours). They provided clear directions and my problem was resolved! Thank you so much Pixel Support!

    s h. Avatar
    s h.
    - Sitejabber

    Plug-in Problem Solved I have been using PixelFilm Final Cut Pro X plug-ins for 3 years now and they've been good, easy-to-use and reliable. I purchased the FCPX Stories plug-in a few days ago but when installed, I kept getting the MATTE RED screen problem (attached). The problems were solved after waiting for... read more

    Toni Avatar
    - Trustpilot

    Fantastic customer support Fantastic customer support. When there was a new FCPX update, all the plugins stopped working because of an issue from Apple's side. PixelFilmStudios replied to me in less than a day and had already found a way to fix the issue. Fantastic customer experience, great products!

  • Jay B. Avatar
    Jay B.
    - Sitejabber

    Files were installing into the wrong place! The customer service person in the chat was AMAZING and definitely went above and beyond to help me solve the issue. I was getting an error in FCPX that wouldn't allow the brush glow to work and i was patiently guided through the whole process and wound up not only... read more

    Andrea Spallanzani Avatar
    Andrea Spallanzani
    - Trustpilot

    Great service - Issue resolved quickly and efficiently! Great service. The agent was able to solve my problem quickly and efficiently. The live chat worked great and I had my issue resolved in no time. I really love the Pixel Film Studios products and now that I tested their help support I am even happier.

    Montana Flaco Avatar
    Montana Flaco
    positive review 
    - Facebook

    I definitely recommend pixel film studios! I had what was a minor issue become a major one for me slowing up business because of the lovely “brush glow” plug not working properly.

    This persisted for a while as I tried to fix it myself by watching YouTube videos and such,... read more

    This persisted for a while as I tried to fix it myself by watching YouTube videos and such, meanwhile what I should’ve done was contacted PFS!! They solved my problem the same day I reached out. I was so discouraged from editing before I fixed the plugin... but now that I’ve gotten the right help, I’m back in action! Thank you pixel film studios!!

  • Will D. Avatar
    Will D.
    - Sitejabber

    Great Service I had a lot of questions/issues regarding a few different plugins and was able to solve all the problems I was having with the help of the chat supporter! Highly recommend!

    Akhilesh Jha Avatar
    Akhilesh Jha
    - Trustpilot

    I was struggling for about a week when… I was struggling for about a week when my plugins were not working... and then I contacted some Angel through live chat at Pixel Film Studio..and then it was magic..he/she took me through and it clicked.. I am so grateful..

    RYAN M. Avatar
    RYAN M.
    - Sitejabber

    Fast & Effective I just upgraded my mac both IOS and FCPX and my Pixel Plug Ins stopped working. With Live Chat, they helped me fix the issue quickly. I am very impressed at the ease of the fix and appreciate how fast it was done. Great customer service and support! Thank you.

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