How to Install Pixel Film Plugins

Installing Pixel Film Plugins

This help page is dedicated to installing Pixel Film plugins.

Step 1 – Running the Install

Our installer has been recently updated so it will no longer require a restart but will suggest one. We recommend restarting your computer before running our installer to ensure a successful installation. Also be sure that there are no other applications running. After all other applications are closed simply double click the installer and begin the process.

NOTE: It’s extremely important you allow installer permission to your computer – otherwise the plugin will not install properly. 

install plugin for help page 1
Step 2 – Secondary Install

For certain plugins, it will pop up a secondary installer. Run through this installer untill you see the success screen. Again, be sure to accept all permissions during this part. You will also be asked to enter in your computer password twice during this process and you may need to enter your e-mail as well to validate the plugin. After you recieve the installation success screen – open FCPX to verify that the plugin as installed.

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