Red Screen in FCPX

If a plugin is displaying a Red Screen in Final Cut Pro this help page is the best resource for solving the issue for restoring the plugin to working order. There are multiple solutions to solve Red Screens. Please view each solution below resolve your Red Screen.

Solution 1 – Final Cut Pro / Mac OS Out of Date

The easiest and most common issue to solve Red Screens is by making sure that the Final Cut Pro and Mac OS versions are up to date to meet the minimum system requirements as stated on each product page.

Final Cut Pro updates are free in the Apple App Store.

Mac OS updates are free in the System Preferences under the Software Update tab.

Solution 2 – Plug-Ins and FxPlug

Check to make sure that you have your Plug-Ins and FxPlug folder set up in your finder. Below is the file path for you to navigate inside of your Finder window.

📂 Macintosh HD > Library > Plug-Ins > FxPlug

If you do not have the Plug-Ins or FxPlug folder these will need to be created.

Create the folders manually by navigating to the Library directory and pressing the command Shift Command N. This will add the folder inside of the Library. Rename the new folder to have the exact spelling as below.


Now select the Plug-Ins folder and press Shift Command N once more to create a new folder inside the Plug-Ins folder. Rename the new folder to have the exact spelling as below.


After the Plug-Ins and FxPlug folders have been set up like in the image below re-download and reinstall your plugin. After a successful installation you will see FxPlug apps necessary to run the plugin populate in the FxPlug folder.

Download and Run FxRun

After successfully installing the plugin and seeing the apps populate in the FxPlug folder download and install the application called “FxRun” by using the download link below. This application will reset the FxPlugs that our plugins use to function in Final Cut Pro.

To use the FxRun simply double click the file and it will launch all of your Pixel Film Studios related FxPlug applications.

You may see pop up windows or only quick flashes that appear to do nothing – this is normal. If any pop up windows appear close them after the FxRun script has finished.

Open Final Cut Pro and check the plugin(s).

Solution 3 – Disconnect External Hard Drives

Make sure that no external drives are connected during the installation and that you are running the installer from the desktop or downloads folder.

Solution 4 – Renaming Motion Templates

Red Screens can occur if the motion template folder and enclosed folders are not be properly named. In this video, we will walk you through how to rename these folders.

Each of the of the following folders must be named with a .localized after the folder name.

Motion Templates

If done correctly, the .localized will be invisible. You can first check if the folders are already localized by right clicking on each folder and pressing the Get Info option. Expand the Name & Extension and check to see if the folder has .localized written after the folder name.

If they are not it is as simple as renaming the folder with the .localized after the folder name.

Motion Templates.localized





Solution 5 – Verify Permissions

The Motion Templates folder and all folders included will need to have your Administrator’s read and write permissions on each of the following folders:

Motion Templates, Effects, Generators, Titles & Transitions

These folders are located under this directory:

Macintosh HD > Users > Your User > Movies > Motion Templates

Verify the permissions by right clicking on each folder and selecting Get Info. In the following window that opens up scroll to the bottom and expand the Sharing & Permissions tab.

If your Administrator account is not added with Read & Write privileges you can add this this manually. Simply click the lock on the lower right side of the Get Info window and enter your administrator password to make changes. Then, press the plus icon to add your administrator and change the privileges to read and write. You will not have to alter any other permissions in this file path.

You will want to add your administrator to the Plug-Ins and FxPlug folders the same way you did for the Motion Templates. These folders can be found under the following directory:

Macintosh HD > Library > Plug-Ins > FxPlug

* Please note that in the example below our administrator name is pixelfilmsudios. Your admin name will be your main administrator on your computer.

Motion Templates Permissions 1115 x 675
Solution 6 – Disable Firewalls, Anti-Virus, VPNs

Please confirm that your firewall, anti-virus software, and/or VPNs are disabled temporarily while running the installer. This can be turned back on after a successful installation of the software.

We 100% Guarantee the safety of the installer.

* If you are still seeing the Red Screen after attempting each solution please submit a ticket or join our customer service live chat during business hours by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of the site. Let us know what plugin you are installing so we can solve the issue as quickly as possible.