Cartoon Sports Theme for FCPX

Ballpark is a hand-drawn baseball theme package for Final Cut Pro X. Create 3D little league videos and other baseball oriented projects using the environments included in this package. Ballpark includes environments with up to 3 drop zones + text, a background key, title opener, baseball stat sidebars, a scoreboard tool, self-animating stat generators, a baseball overlay and sports themed transitions. Create a fun and amazing sports video with Pixel Film Studios' cartoon themes today.

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Cartoon Sports Themes with Ballpark in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Awesome Cartoon Environment

Ballpark contains self-animating scenes with a drop zone and text preset, drop zone only preset, and a text only preset. Easily manipulate the position of drop zones and text using the incredibly simplified and organized controls found in the inspector window of Final Cut Pro X. Display any photos, videos, titles, and messages in a sports style environment and do it without having to set a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Create New Environments

Ballpark gives users of Final Cut Pro X the ability to completely change the style of the scene as a whole without the use of complicated controls or settings. Change the foreground, midground, and background elements with just a single click of the “Generate” button. To pick new color schemes simply rotate the hue dial to pick from an entire range of colors.


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Create a Little League Video

Ballpark works excellent as a tool for creating exciting little league videos. Not only does Ballpark come with a fully customizable baseball field scene and background, but it comes with the tools necessary to show of baseball stats. Display the scores of games using the animating scoreboard tool, show off stats using the baseball card sidebar and focus on individual stats using the numbered stat generators. Ballpark is the perfect package for making a fun baseball video with the kids.


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Animating Background Key

Ballpark contains an exciting baseball field background that gives Final Cut Pro X users a tool to display text, keyed media or overlays in a fun cartoon style. Customize every aspect including the tint of the scene, the movement of the camera, and the placement of scene elements. Add the baseball overlay on top of backgrounds, or footage to add some cartoon styled baseballs to any production.


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Baseball Themed Opener

Ballpark comes with a self-animating title opener. This opener features a home base plate and 3D baseball that animate into the scene followed by the text animation. Utilize title elements to introduce a scene, setting, or character in any Final Cut Pro X production. Titles are incredibly easy to use in Final Cut Pro X. Start by selecting a preset and dragging it above your personal media or scene presets in the timeline. Next, change the text and alter the customizable features to achieve a desired look. Ballpark’s title opener will do the rest.


Professional - Sports Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Baseball Transitions

Ballpark comes with seven cartoon transitions including four wipes, a zooming frame transition, a rotating bat that reveals the next scene and a 3D environment transition that frames from one drop zone to the next. Easily customize each of these hand-drawn presets using sliders and color wheels within Final Cut Pro X. To use Ballpark’s transitions simply select a preset and place it between two clips in Final Cut Pro X.


Ballpark Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Ballpark?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Ballpark in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.