Desktop Archive

Corporate Theme for FCPX

Desktop Archive is a wonderful corporate production package developed by Pixel Film Studios for use in Final Cut Pro X. Create amazing corporate videos using Desktop Archive’s intuitive scene creation tools. Add personalized media into the drop zones of the environment shots, and team member profiles to display any corporate information with style. Utilize Desktop Archive’s additional tools like the title opener, 5 lower thirds, background gradient, overlay, and transition to put together the perfect corporate video.

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Corporate Theme with Desktop Archive in FCPX


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Create a Professional Video

Desktop Archive gives users the ability to create scenes where media pops straight out of the folders they are located in. Stun the audience by making beautiful camera angles that display personal media in a three dimensional desktop environment. Users can change the color of the background, or use an image or video as the desktop background of the environment. Desktop Archive comes with 4 unique environment styles that include variations in animation and design.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Introduce with Amazing Title Effects

Create a professional introduction to any video with the title opener tool. Place the title opener on top of footage and use the controls found in the Background Controls section to fade the title into view and alter how visible the underlying layer is. Alternatively, users can place the title opener on its own in front of a clip if they do not wish to blend it over footage. Desktop Archive comes with 5 lower thirds and 2 totally unique lower third styles. Elegantly display information using these intuitive title tools for Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Show Off Team Members

Desktop Archive features a tool designed to display team member profiles easily and efficiently. This tool not only works great for display team members and their title and responsibilities, but is also effective as a timeline to display company history. Each slide contains a drop zone for an image or video and two lines of text for a caption and description.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Variety of Content

The transition included in this package has controls so that it can be manipulated infinitely. This transition frames from the end of the first scene into a new environment before settling into the next scene. Users can change the orientation of the end point as well as a selection of style controls. Additionally, the light leak overlay included in this package gives users the ability to add a little extra style to any scene.