Corporate Stage Theme for FCPX

Create a clean corporate video using Enterprise for Final Cut Pro X. Enterprise gives users full customization over environments so that they can create a unique corporate presentation. This production package includes generator environments, lower thirds, transitions, a title introduction, a graph tool and 4 unique overlays. Combine all the elements of this package together to create the ultimate professional video.

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Corporate Theme with Enterprise in FCPX


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Self-Animating Stage Environment

Create amazing scenes using the stage environment generator in Final Cut Pro X. Select a preset with 1 stage, 2 stages, or text only to begin. Edit the position and rotation that the camera starts and ends at using intuitive controls to create dynamic scenes. Change the colors of the environment using simple color wheels and edit the reflections of the stage and more using intuitive slider controls.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Enhance Environment with Beautiful Overlays

Enterprise includes 4 unique overlays for users to add to environments and media. Add realistic lighting effects and depth using the flare tool, or add animating color blends by using the light leaks overlay. A simple vignette can enhance environments with the illusion of depth and the particles overlay is perfect for adding extra style to scenes and media.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Show Off Data with an Animating Graph

Enterprise users can utilize this self-animating circle graph to display a wide variety of statistics. Show percentages by editing the inner bar to fill only a portion of the inner circle with number representation in the center of the graph. Users can also stack these generators and turn off the backgrounds of the stacked layers to display multiple graphs at once.  Show off the quantity of an asset, percentage statistics and more using this intuitive graph tool.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Begin a Presentation with the Title Opener

Utilize the self-animating title layer to introduce any presentation or professional video production. The title opener includes a beautiful animation which unmasks the scene using a series of rings. Edit the size and colors of the rings as well as the speed of the camera movement. Take advantage of on-screen controls to scale, position and rotate the title.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Inform Using Professional Lower Thirds

Introduce people, settings, events and more using Enterprise’s completely customizable lower thirds. Animate thirds in from the left or right by choosing the Left or Right lower thirds preset. Edit the lengths and heights of the main bar and subtitle bar. Then, change the colors of the face, outline and the square grid.


Professional - Corporate Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Fluid Corporate Transitions

Enterprise contains 3 totally unique transitions designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. With Transition 1, users can unmask the first shot with the second using the animating rings for a stylized transition. Transition 2 allows users to wipe the screen with a grid of squares and then animate out into the next scene. Transition 3 gives users the ability to frame out into a new environment and then frame back into the next scene.