Funky Fresh

Stylized Theme for FCPX

Funky Fresh is a stylized production package for Final Cut Pro X from Pixel Film Studios. Create a groovy video using Funky Fresh’s customizable environment, 15 drop zone animation layouts, triggers for intro and outro animations, 8 awesome animating backdrops, 5 organic hand-drawn transitions and a self-animating title effect. Funky Fresh gives users the ability to make an awesome video with ease.

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Stylized Theme with Funky Fresh in FCPX


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Endless Camera Variation

After choosing one of the stylized backdrops included in this package, drop the environment shot on top of the background key and adjust the start and end orientation, colors, camera offset orientations, intro and outro animations, drop zone layouts and many more intuitive controls within the inspector window. Using these controls, users can display media from any position, or angle and choose precisely where the environment animates in and out of frame.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

8 Totally Unique Animating Backdrops

Funky Fresh’s 8 background keys are all fully customizable. Colors, animation speeds, angles, and more can be changed so that users can warp the appearance of backdrops so drastically that they create entirely new backgrounds. The possibilities are endless using this diverse array of backdrops and the variety doesn’t end there. Users can opt to use any background from Pixel Film Studios or otherwise by simply placing environment shots on top of them in the FCPX timeline.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Organic Hand-Drawn Transitions

Place one of five organic hand-drawn transitions between scenes to create a stylized shift between shots. Funky Fresh’s 5 unique transition presets give users a variety of ways to move from one scene to the next with style. First, select a transition preset to place between clips. Then, alter the color and vertical/horizontal orientations. That’s it! Funky Fresh makes editing easy using Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Loaded with Stylish Content

Users can create an endless array of unique content using the generators, title, and transitions Included in the Funky Fresh production package. 8 totally unique animating backdrops allow users to choose from a wide variety of styles so that they can choose the right one for the project. Users can even use their own animating, or static backdrops if they wish to. The drop zone shape can also be shaped by selecting one of the 15 presets from the drop-down menu located under the drop zone controls section. Change colors, angles, and text for additional style variations.