Geo Professional

Corporate Theme for FCPX

Geo Professional is a stylized corporate theme package created for use exclusively in Final Cut Pro X. Create beautiful promotional corporate videos using the pre-made scenes, or take advantage of the intuitive camera controls to create brand new scenes. This package includes a multitude of self-animating scenes including environment shots, timelines, member profile scenes, transitions, title screens and a bar graph. Additionally, Geo Professional includes an animating shape overlay and soft vignette for extra stylization. Creating a corporate presentation is as easy as dragging and dropping using Pixel Film Studios themes.

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Corporate Theme with Geo Professional in FCPX


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Create Unique Scenes

Geo Professional comes loaded with content. Select a scene from the included 1-5 drop zone presets, or one of the corporate presentation tools. Geo Professional comes with tools like the bar graph, team profiles and company timeline. Scenes feature no background environment by themselves, but can be placed on top of the included scene background generator so that scenes all belong to the same environment. All camera presets come with intro and outro movements and can be customized endlessly in the inspector window.


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Professionally Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Geo Professional provides users with all the tools they need to create a beautiful production. Environments, backgrounds, overlays, titles, transitions and additional tools can all be used together to create an engaging corporate presentation. Environments can be placed on the main level of the timeline and the scene background should be placed underneath scenes. Drag and drop titles and overlays over the camera presets and place the transitions in between scenes.


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Demonstrate with Corporate Tools

Display profits, salaries, spending and much more using Geo Professional’s bar graph. Users can record dynamic spreads of data using the graph and utilize its on-screen controls and style adjustments to manipulate the graph limitlessly. The team and leadership profile scenes are perfect for highlighting important persons. Use the leadership profiles for a 3D parallaxing display or the team profiles for detailed biographies. Finally, users can display company history using the included timeline generator with adjustable speed and placement.


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Introduce with a Corporate Opener

Geo Professional comes with a corporate opener that animates seamlessly over footage and backdrops. Alter the text to display the title of a presentation as well as the subtitle and additional text for phone numbers, emails, websites, etc. Use the drop zone to add a company logo right above the title. Users can also introduce segments of presentation using the 3D text environment included in scene presets. Manipulate the text environment just like drop zone scenes to create fluid introductions.


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Place Overlays over Environments

Users can enhance environments using Geo Professional’s included shape overlay. Set start and end points for the shapes to travel over scenes and customize shapes by adjusting the colors, shadows, spread, amount, and scale. Add extra style to scenes using the light leak and vignette adjustment layers. Enhance scenes with beautiful flashing colors and adjustable brightness and contrast.


Professional - Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X - for Final Cut Pro X

Seamlessly Blend Between Scenes

The environments in Geo Professional contain ample time for intro and outro movements so that transitions can be placed between scenes and create a seamless production. Utilize the 6 shape transitions which replicate the shapes of the environment and move through the scene while shots blend together in the background.


Installing ProGeo: Professional


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