LED Stage

Entertainment Theme for FCPX

Light up the room with the LED Stage production package from Pixel Film Studios. Users can utilize this stunning night club environment to show off their personal media and much more. This theme includes an a magnificent 3D environment with a fully customizable camera, a self-animating background key, a beautiful title opener, 2 wonderful lower thirds, 5 amazing overlays and 2 completely unique transitions. Pixel Film Studios themes make editing easy inside of Final Cut Pro X.

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Entertainment Theme with LED Stage in FCPX


Professional - Entertainment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Awesome 3D Environment

The environment shot in LED Stage features fully customizable camera controls so that users can precisely edit the start and end orientations of the scene. Users can also control the speed of the camera movement as well as the initial burst movement speed and distance. The included Edit Mode turns off heavy scene attributes so that users can change the camera orientation with optimal editing speed. Colors and reflections can also be edited so that users have complete control over the style of their scenes.


Professional - Entertainment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Enhance Shots with Stunning Overlays

Add extra style and realism to environments using one of the 5 overlays included in this package. Use the vignette overlay to add realistic depth to shots and the dust overlay to add beautiful animating particles. Users can give scenes realistic lighting with the flare, blend and prism overlays. Change the colors, flicker, opacity and more to create beautiful lighting effects.


Professional - Entertainment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Beautiful Title Elements

LED Stage’s keyframeless title elements include a beautiful title opener and 2 stunning lower thirds. The title opener is a great way to start any video. Place the title before footage or on top of footage and control the visibility of the layer underneath using the tint opacity control. LED Stage’s lower thirds are perfect for introducing new information, people, and settings. Animate from the left or right side of the screen and utilize style controls to get the maximum variety.


Professional - Entertainment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Seamlessly Transition Between Scenes

Frame from one scene to the next by using the beautiful glowing panel environment transitions. The Camera starts with Scene A and travels through the transition environment then finishes the movement with Scene B. Users can also transition scenes using a glitch effect to simulate film distortion.