Moody Hills

Cartoon Theme for FCPX

Get ready to be transported into a colorful cartoon World! Moody Hills is a theme pack made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X and comes packed chock full of fully customizable scene generators, title and text screens, transitions, and a wonderful overlay. This theme can be used to showcase pictures and videos in a fun and eye catching way. Its all easy with Pixel Film Studios cartoon themes, just insert your media, change the text, alter the scene, and tweak the colors to your hearts content! After that, Moody Hills takes care of the rest.

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Cartoon Themes with Moody Hills in FCPX


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Colorful Scene Presets

Moody Hills comes filled with colorful animated presets which include a drop zone and text preset, text only preset, and drop zone only preset. The position of these elements can easily be changed using the neatly organized controls found in the inspector window. This allows anyone to effortlessly showcase their pictures, videos, and text in an animated environment without having to touch a single solitary keyframe.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Changeable Environments

Imagine being able to create a different look and feel for a scene just by clicking a few buttons. Pixel Film Studios Cartoon themes does just that! Moody Hills allows users to create new environments without any clumsy or complicated controls. Each layer in the environment is changeable with the click of a generate button. Changing the color is as easy as ramping up the tint slider and choosing your color using the color swab. In no time flat, change the scene from a sunny summer to a chilly winter.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Unlimited Camera Movement

Creating a 2-point camera movement is easy with Moody Hills. Simply take your playhead and move it to the first frame of the preset and set your start rotation and position for your first point. Then, when satisfied, take the playhead and move it to the very last frame. to set the end position and rotation. If the camera is moving too slow, then set the speed to match the duration of of the camera movement.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Wonderful Overlay

Moody Hills’ overlay can act as a stylizing feature for scenes, pictures , and videos. Tweak the frame’s tint, scale, and drop shadow to fit the desired look and feel. The ability to customize the overlay allows users to add a colorful frame on top of any visual media in any Final Cut Pro X production.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Customize the Background Key

Moody Hills includes a customizable animated background key which gives users yet another tool to showcase text and media in a unique and creative way. The subtle background animations can be customized to fit the theme and feel desired. Control anything from the color of the clouds to the number of clouds in the sky.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Titles and Lower Thirds

Pixel Film Studios Cartoon theme packages include a self animating title and a set of animated lower thirds that user can use to introduce a scene, setting, or character in any FCPX production. All the user has to do is select a preset and drag the title/lower third over it. All there is to do after that is customize the text, change to customizable features, and Moody Hills takes care of the rest.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Fun Transitions

Moody hills comes packed with four fun transitions including two wipes, a frame transition, and an environment transition. Users can easily customize these transitions by using the various color swabs and sliders within the inspector window. To use the transition, just drag the preset between two clips.Moody Hills transitions will then help one scene seamlessly flow into another.


Installing Moody Hills

How do I Install Moody Hills in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

Moody Hills Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Moody Hills?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Moody Hills in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.