Old Scrapbook

Photo Theme for FCPX

Old Scrapbook is a professional photo theme package created for use in Final Cut Pro X. This Pixel Film Studios' theme includes a set of customizable scene presets that allow video editors to perfectly frame from one video or photograph into the next. Choose from presets with up to 5 dynamic camera movements and up to 10 drop zones, then position drop zones anywhere along the board. Moreover, Old Scrapbook comes with a self-animating title screen, vintage lower thirds, unique transitions and stylized overlays. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in FCPX.

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Photo Themes with Old Scrapbook in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Photo Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Dynamic Scene Presets

Old Scrapbook scene presets offer theme users the ability to move fluidly from one picture to the next. Choose from presets with up to five camera movements and up to ten drop zones to showcase pictures and/or videos alike. Edit placement of drop zones to create new camera trajectories. Using Old Scrapbook scenes is easy. Drag a preset into the FCPX timeline and insert personal media into the drop zones provided. Old Scrapbook will do the rest.


Professional - Photo Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Position Pictures Anywhere

Old Scrapbook allows theme users to position and rotate pictures anywhere across the theme board. Change the position of drop zones and adjust the randomization of the camera to achieve unique shots. Video editors can tilt camera angles to achieve even more dynamic looks. Find intuitive parameter controls categorized under their respective drop zones in the top-right inspector window.


Professional - Photo Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Incredible Camera Control

The Depth of Focus slider creates a realistic sense of distance by blurring objects too close or too far away from the focal point of the camera. Change the tilt, camera shake and starting position for extra customization. Old Scrapbook’s camera automatically adjusts the degree blur when its focus is shifted. Alter DOF and stagger scene elements in space to achieve different looks with Pixel Film Studios themes.


Professional - Photo Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Title Elements, Overlay & Transitions

Old Scrapbook contains title elements including a self-animating title screen, and stylizing overlay. Utilize keyframeless titles to introduce people and/or settings and the title screen as an opener for FCPX projects. With overlays, users can instantly add subtle stylization to scene presets. Old Scrapbook also comes packed with 3 transitions so that users can add extra excitement into their videos.


Old Scrapbook Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Old Scrapbook?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Old Scrapbook in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.