ProSlice Modular

Media Slicing Tools for FCPX

ProSlice: Modular from Pixel Film Studios allow editors to quickly create animating panels with unique animations. Final Cut Pro X Users can now make customized collage animations with ease. Choosing from fully customizable drop zone animations to already made shape presets, anyone can quickly create a dynamic footage reveal. Its as easy as dragging and dropping a preset then simply selecting a pre-positioned spot for each pre made shape. Making a unique animated collage has never been easier thanks to ProSlice: Modular.

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Media Slicing Tools for FCPX with ProSlice: Modular



Multiple Animations

Each ProSlice: Modular preset includes 13 different animation reveals. Final Cut Pro X users can easily change the animation with the use of an easy to use drop down menu. Both intro and outro animations can be adjusted to create dynamic transitions between media or scenes in Final Cut Pro X.



Layouts and Grids

ProSlice: Modular includes multiple layout guides. Guides range from 2 Drop Zone layouts all the way to 6 Drop Zones. Each layout guide has easy to use dropdown menus that allow Final Cut Pro X users to see various layout options with color coded shape examples. See what layout looks best then click and drag the corresponding shape preset and use the preset positions to match the layout guide. Layout guides and pre made shapes cuts scene setup time drastically.



Intuitive Shape Designs

ProSlice: Modular is packaged with fully adjustable along with 8 unique shape variations. Premade shapes make it easy to quickly set up complicated layouts in Final Cut Pro X. Users don’t have to painstakingly scale and adjust the positions of each drop zone to make a great looking layout. Simply select any shape preset and use the provided drop down menu to quickly place each shape in a perfectly spaced out and symmetrical position.



Designed for Final Cut Pro X

ProSlice: Modular was made for quickly creating unique media reveals in Final Cut Pro X. Editors can easily save time by using easy to understand layouts and preset controls. Creating a modular layout has never been easier.


Installing ProSlice Modular

How do I Install ProSlice Modular in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios FCPX Generator-based Plugin.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProSlice Modular Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have the modular slices start at different times yet exit together?


ProSlice Modular Generator Troubleshooting FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.


You can do this by starting the pieces at different time and having the end at the same frame. The photo above is an example of what this should look like.

How can I make the modular slices appear at different times and exit at the same time?

Simply layer the modular slices to start at different times and adjust the end of the slices to exit at the same frame.

Where do I find ProSlice Modular?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProSlice Modular in the FCPX Generators library.

Can Images & Video be used with these Generators?

These Generators are designed to work with any media that be placed into a drop zone(Media placeholder) which can be an image or video clip, depending on the users choice.

Is there included presets that I can use without having to make my own Layouts?

ProSlice Modular contains 8 different shape presets that are labeled and color coded to match the Layout guides. Each preset is locked into a specific shape that cannot be scaled or manipulated to adjust the shape.

What version of FCPX is required for this plugin?

Final Cut Pro X version 10.2.1 or newer is required for this plugin to properly function.

Troubleshooting ProSlice Modular

My computer seems really slow when using this plugin, Can i do anything to prevent this?

Some of our plugins do heavily rely on your computers GPU or Video Card. In order to utilize full functionality of the plugin, a higher-end GPU may be required for the computer to function efficiently.  In most cases, what you can do is clear your FCPX render files, and disable the background render in your FCPX preferences. Those two settings along will drastically speed up the workflow within FCPX.  If this does not work, contact us.

I applied my Media to a Drop Zone preset, but it freeze-frames my media, how do I fix this?

This is a very common glitch in FCPX with Drop Zones (Media Place Holders). A trick is to compound any media and then placing the compound into a Drop Zone to get it to play back. If you do not know how to compound a clip, simply highlight the clip on the timeline, rick click on it and select "New Compound Clip”.

Are there Included tools to help with my Layout?

Grid and Drop Zone layout guides ( 2-5 ) are made to help users make layouts quickly and accurately.

Are there ProSlice Modular Basic Instructions

ProSlice Modular comes with a .PDF instruction sheet with included images for help with the workflow and usage of the plugin. It will be located in the download folder which contained the initial plugin installers.