Flip Transitions For FCPX

TransFlip is an all new dynamic transition pack for FCPX, containing flipping and rotating wipe animations. Designed as drag & drop presets for FCPX, these transitions are easy to apply and modify for any skill-level user. TransFlip includes custom bounce and direction controls, which add versatility to each transition. With over 60 preset styles, kinetic flipping panel animations are just a few clicks away.

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Flip Transitions with TransFlip in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Geometric Transitions - for Final Cut Pro X

Over 60 Presets

TransFlip contains over over 60 preset animations that split up each shot and flip it into the next. Choose presets containing up to eight panels, creating unique and dynamic movements that will excite viewers. Horizontal and vertical paneled divisions are all included, giving users multiple options to select from and apply between clips.


Professional - Geometric Transitions - for Final Cut Pro X

Simply Drag & Drop

TransFlip is a transition pack that FCPX film makers simply apply between the desired clips, and drag to the appropriate length. Custom controls allow the kinetic bounce animations to be very smooth and slow, as well as fast and dynamic. Divided panels in each preset can rotate forwards and backwards, left to right, and top to bottom with simple checkbox adjustments.


Professional - Geometric Transitions - for Final Cut Pro X

Includes Motion Blur Options

TransFlip includes non-motion blurred options for quick render times and motion blurred options for added realism. Horizontal and vertical planel divisions are all included for added versatility, adding more variations to the users library. All the individual controls within each preset allow users to change the movement so no transition will look identical to the next.


Professional - Geometric Transitions - for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

TransFlip is a unique set of transitions designed for Final Cut Pro X. Editors simply select the desired preset and drag it to the timeline and apply it between clips. Drag the transition out to the appropriate length for the correct timing, and export. Professional flipping styled transitions are just a few mouse clicks away, saving film makers valuable time.


Installing TransFlip


How do I Install TransFlip in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios Transition Package.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

TransFlip Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find TransFlip?

Once the installation is complete, you can find TransFlip in the FCPX Transition library.