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Interested in purchasing Pixel Film Studios plugins? You will need to create an account to do so!

Step 1 – Registering an Account

From our home page, click on the account icon in the top right. This will take you to the log-in screen where you can register. You can also click here. Enter a valid e-mail address under “Register” along with a password of your choosing. Make sure that the reCAPTCHA checkbox on the page is checked and then click “Register”.

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Step 2 – Your Account Page

This will take you to your account page. This is where all your downloads will be located after you make your first purchase. A username will also be auto generated for you based on your e-mail. To change your information at any time, click “Edit” under your account.

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Step 3 – Editing Account Details

This will bring you to a page where you can change your username, e-mail, password and enter in additional information.

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