Downloading Composite Footage

Locating Composite Downloads

This help page is dedicated to locating composite downloads for plugins.

Step 1 – Account Page

You will first have to log into our website & then click on the account icon in the top right corner of the website to be taken to the account page. From here clikc “Invoices / Statements”.

composites 1 for help page
Step 2 – Invoice Page

Once you are at your invoice page you will see a more condensed view of your order page. Here the plugins will be organized by full orders. Click on the order that conatins the composite plugin you are looking for.

composite 2 for help page
Step 3 – Composite Download Links

Once you click on the order you will be taken to the download links for the plugin. Here you will find links to directly download the plugin as well as all the composite footage for that plugin.

composite 3 for help page