Email Validation

E-mail Not Validating?

This help page is dedicated to help troubleshoot the e-mail validation.

Step 1 – E-mail Not Validating

When installing a Pixel Film Product you will be asked to validate that product throuhg the e-mail you entered at purchase. If this e-mail is not entered correctly or if the wrong e-mail is being entered, the plugin will not install.

email validation 1 for help page
Step 2 – Verify You E-mail

If you are seeing this error we would suggest navigating to your account page on our website. Here is where you not only be able to re-download your products but you will also be able to see what e-mail is tied to that plugin.

email validation 2 for help page
Step 3 – Entering in Your E-mail

Once you have verified your e-mail we would suggest simply copying and pasting it from your account page directly into the dialogue box.

email validation 3 for help page