Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there 4 templates for each character?

Each explainer character comes with a template for all animation types. Using the main template, the explainer will perform an intro animation, followed by a through animation and an outro animation. The 3 additional templates will perform a single animation from the selected category.

How do I animate the camera?

FCPX 3D Explainer features two camera types: Still and Animated. By default, the camera is set to Still and can be controlled using the Still Position and Still Rotation control.
Note: If needed, you can keyframe both Still parameters to create dynamic camera animations.The Animated Camera automatically creates a camera animation between a start and end point. You can see through the lens of each point by setting the Camera Mode to Edit Start Point or Edit End Poin and view the animation by switching the Camera Mode to Result.

You can also create variation in the camera path using the Path Offset control and turn on the Camera Animation Guide to visualize the movement of the camera more easily.

Why does my explainer not rotate in place?

FCPX 3D Explainer characters have anchor points set to be centered in the middle of the shot during the through animation. If you are finding you are unable to rotate your explainer in place, try adjusting your position in the Final Cut timeline so that you are editing directly in the middle of the clip. You can also adjust the Anchor Point manually at any point with the designated control in the Transform Controls section.