Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add audio to my presets?

FCPX Audio Text includes two Audio Analyzer templates. They can be found in the Generators Browser of Final Cut Pro. Apply your audio to your selected analyzer using the Load & Analyze Audio File button. Then, click the Copy Analysis Data button to copy the audio data. Once copied you can apply the data to one of the FCPX Audio Text templates using the Paste button.

Should I use Channel Averages or Full Spectrum presets?

To determine whether you should analyze the Full Spectrum of your audio or its Channel Averages just decide if you want each character to animate uniquely or together.
Full Spectrum will allow you to choose a specific frequency across 48 hertz channels to animate each character.
Channel Averages gives you a single channel to work with. The audio data you receive will be averaged from either the entire audio or specific ranges that you can choose using the Channel Averages Analyzer.

What audio formats works with FCPX Audio Text?

FCPX Audio Text works with most audio file formats, but we recommend using MP3 or WAV file formats for best results.

What other plugins were used in this video?

FCPX Audio Efflux and FCPX Audio Overlays were used in this video.