How to Draw a Mask

Many of our plugins, such as our ProFreeze series, use a masking tool within the plugin. In this video, we will walk you through how to properly use this tool with ease.

It is highly recommended that when using masking controls that your media being used with the masking tool plugin be the same resolution as your project. If your project is 1920 x 1080 the media should be 1920 x 1080 as well. If the media does not match the project resolution there is an easy fix!

Place a Custom color solid from the Solids categories in the Generators library beneath your media. Then, select the media clip and the color solid and right click and select Compound from the menu. If you don’t want to use a compound you can always Save Current Frame and bring in the new image to your main project. Then apply your masking plugin above or on top of your clip depending on the plugin and create your mask!