How to Use a Drop Zone

In this video we will walk you through how to apply your media to Dropzones. Dropzones come in a variety of our plugins.

When you are applying a clip to a drop zone, you must select the clip from the point in time you want the video to begin playing.

For example, if you want the clip in the dropzone to start from the beginning, you must apply the media to the dropzone by clicking the first frame of the media you are trying to apply.

Drop Zones are incompatible with sound so the only way to get sound back would be to duplicate the media file with audio and place it on the bottom of your timeline matched up with the dropzone.

You can also right-click on the media file and detach the audio.

If you are trying to have the audio from your clip play while it is in the drop zone, you must first remove the clip from the drop zone and detach the audio from the clip by selecting the clip in your timeline and click the hotkeys Control Shift S. Then, insert the video into the drop zone and line the audio up with your clip.

Video Freezing in the Drop Zone?

If your media is freezing in the drop zone please check out our help page below.