Can’t Complete Checkout?

There’s a few different things that may be preventing you from checking out, so let’s take a quick look at all of the possible solutions. But first and foremost, please make sure that you are logged into your Pixel Film Studios account before attempting to checkout.

Solution #1

If you are having trouble completing a payment when purchasing Pixel Film products, we encourage you to review and verify your payment information.


If you are trying to place an order with PayPal, please make sure the method of payment set in PayPal has enough funds. Also, please be sure your PayPal profile is up to date with the correct shipping and email address you are using to place your order. If you are still having an issue checking out with PayPal, you can try credit card instead.

Credit Card

If you are using a credit card, please double check that the card is valid. Please make sure that you entered your details exactly as they appear on the card. The card number should be entered without any spaces. The expiration date should be entered as MM/YY with just the digits. The CVV number is the last three digits on the signature strip on the back of your card (4 digits on the front of AMEX). Also, be sure that the billing address you enter matches exactly what your issuing bank has on file for you. If the issue continues, we insist that you contact your bank immediately.

Solution #2

A common error is forgetting to check the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox before pressing the Place Order button. Please make sure that this is checked before proceeding.

Solution #3

If you get another error upon checkout, verify what coupons are added. The bundle discount and product specific sales discounts cannot be removed from the cart and will not stack with other offers or other coupons. If an additional coupon is added, you can remove that coupon using the x at the end of the coupon code.

Solution #4

A checkout error can occur if your Billing Details are not filled out correctly. Please verify your information and try once more. These billing details must match your information on your payment method.

Solution #5

Although it is a rare case, switching your internet browser can make all the difference. Try switching between Safari, Chrome, and Firefox and checking out.

Solution #6

The timeless classic of turning it off and on again can sometimes apply to checkout as well. Remove all of the plugins from your cart and log out. Close your browser and then reopen the browser, log in, and add the plugins back to your cart and checkout.

Still Getting a Checkout Error?

If you are still seeing an error on checkout after verifying all of the information above, please make sure to take a screenshot (Shift Command 4) of the following items:

  • Error Message appearing when trying to place order
  • All plugins in cart
  • Order subtotal and total
  • Any additional coupon codes being used

Once you have all of these details, please contact us by using the chat icon on the lower right corner of our site. Live agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time. Outside of our live chat hours you can submit a ticket.