Color Grading with FCPX LUT Vivid in Final Cut Pro X

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FCPX LUT Vivid is a set of Color Grading look up tables designed specially for Final Cut Pro X. FCPX users can add Vivid color tones to any of their clips, completely changing to look and feel of each shot. FCPX LUT Vivid is a drag and drop effect, containing over 60 color grades to choose from and customize. FCPX users can adjust the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights independently from one another, while adding gradient overlays to enhance the color of every grade. FCPX LUT Vivid is easy to use and designed for Final Cut Pro X versions 10.2.1 and newer.

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Color Grading with FCPX LUT Vivid in Final Cut Pro X


60 Different Customizable Look-Up Table presets

FCPX LUT Vivid includes 60 all-new vivid look-up table presets to choose from. FCPX LUT Vivid includes warmer-tones, to dark and dreary color grades to add mood and change the overall tone of each shot. FCPX LUT Vivid gives FCPX users the ability to customize and tint each preset, adding more depth, mood, and atmosphere to each clip.



Color Grading Made Easy

FCPX LUT Vivid includes all the Color Grading controls Pixel Film Studios Look-Up table users are familiar with, but with added controls. FCPX LUT Vivid also includes a new gradient overlay tool, that can be applied to add enhanced color to each preset. Each preset includes multiple blend mode controls for added color variations.



Includes external LUT Loading tool

FCPX LUT Vivid also includes the FCPX LUT Loader, which allows users to add in their own custom-made look-up tables, or look-up tables acquired from another source. FCPX editors can use these external Look Up tables in combination with the Loader effects, for added value and versatility.



Designed Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

FCPX editors can utilize the customization controls in the FCPX LUT VIVID Loader to adjust the parameters of each shot. They can also make further adjustments to color of the highlights and whites, shadows and darker tones, and mid-tones if they are unhappy with the look of the preset settings. FCPX users can be modify and fully adjust each shot to the desired look and effect. Each Preset comes with Gradient Overlay effects where users can adjust the start and end tones, positions, opacities, blend-modes and more within each preset. Easy to use, and designed for Final Cut Pro X versions 10.2.1 and newer.

*Mac OS Sierra requires Sierra Installers to be ran only, Instructions for Installation is included.

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FCPX LUT Vivid Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

While we don't have a Lesson for this exact LUT pack at the moment, all the LUT loaders are similar in functionality and usability. Watching this following tutorial should help users understand the workflow and how to correctly apply and modify each LUT effect. A Lesson for this exact LUT Style should be available in the near future, and can be found here once it is available.      

FCPX LUT VIVID Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Plugin?

FCPX LUT Vivid will be located in the effects library. The effects library is located in the bottom right of the Final Cut Pro X application window.

Are The LUT's Preview-able?

The FCPX LUT Loader is a look-up-table file loader tool built with real-time application in mind. The LUT files are designed to populate in a drop-down menu, which can only be previewed by selected the LUT when its already applied to a clip.

Can The LUT Files be Adjusted?

The FCPX LUT Loader includes opacity adjustments, Vignette controls, and also gives users the ability to add tints to their Lighter Tones, Mid-Tones, and shadows. This adjustment has a Mix control allowing the effect to be strong or subtle, depending on the users liking.

How Can I add other LUT's to the Drop Down Menu?

To load an external LUT, the location of the LUT file itself isn’t important. So long as the user knows where the LUT is located (i.e. the desktop), it can be loaded from anywhere. To make things easier for the user, it’s possible to populate the dropdown list by adding LUT files to the directory: /Library/Plug-Ins/FxPlug/FCPXLutLoader.fxplug/Contents/Resources/LUTS Just make sure that you’re using the correct “Library” folder. There are a number of other “Library” folders in varies places that the user could mistake for the correct one. The first / means that you’re at the root level on the hard drive. To get there, open up any finder window and press Cmd+Shift+g. This will bring up the go to folder command. The simply type “/“ without the quotes and press enter. The user may need administrative privileges to get to the folder and change it’s contents. If the LUT files don’t show up in the dropdown list after adding them to the directory, try restarting Final Cut.

Troubleshooting FCPX LUT Vivid

Plugin Doesn't Work

This plugin requires multiple Installers. Depending on your OS, you should see three different installers in your download folder for the LUT acquired. If you are using Mac OS Sierra, make sure you follow the provided instructions and run the marked Sierra Installers. IF you are using an older OS, run the non Sierra Installers.  

Why don't I see the LUT Selection Drop Down Menu?

This usually happens due to one of the installers not running or your Security Settings blocking an Install. Try running both installers again and restarting FCPX. If more help is needed, please refer to the Installation portion of this page.

Is there only one preset in the effects?

Yes, there is one effect located in the FCPX LUT Loader. All necessary controls and drop downs are located in the effect preset.

When I apply the effect, I am getting a Red or Orange screen that says the effect failed to render. How do I fix this?

If you have done any updates to your computer, this may happen. An easy way to fix this is to perform a clean install on the plugin. Here is how to do this. You will need to a full uninstall first: Go to this directory: Macintosh HD>Library>Plug-Ins>FxPlug>FCPXLUTLOADER.fxplug Delete this file and empty the trash. Then, go to this directory: Movies > Motion Templates > Effects Delete the "Pixel Film Studios - FCPX LUT LOADER" folder Empty the trash can. Then run all the necessary installers again.

My Inspector Controls are Missing. Did I do something wrong?

Uninstall FCPX LUT Loader (See previous answer above for Location instructions), Re-download the plugin again, After the download run install script (step one, step two, and step three), then restart FCPX..

I am getting a Red Screen with a Yellow Exclamation Point, how is this fixed?

This usually occurs due to either an Installation error, or its just that your FCPX version is out of date. You can upgrade, its simple and usually free in the Apple App Store. If your operating system is out of date, that may need to be updated first, in order to update the other relying software.