Wedding Flora

Wedding Theme for FCPX

Wedding Flora is a beautiful wedding theme package for Final Cut Pro X. Users can add their photos and footage to Wedding Flora's uniquely stylized scenes to display media with exciting vibrance. Use Wedding Flora's fluid transitions to seamlessly blend between shots and utilize title elements and overlays in projects to add lovely effects and style with ease. Wedding Flora includes a variety of unique scenes with diverse camera angles and customizable layouts, a looping background key to place under scenes and media, a title introduction, 2 lower thirds, 5 transitions, 4 overlays and a 3D text screen for descriptions.

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Wedding Themes with Wedding Flora in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Endless Variety

Wedding Flora comes with a plethora of content. Users can choose from floating shots with 1-5 drop zones, drop zone bursts with up to 8 drop zones, and a 3D text environment. Wedding Flora’s scenes have no background environment, but can be placed on top of the included scene background generator so that scenes flow seamlessly together. All scenes come with intro and outro camera movements and can be customized infinitely in the inspector window.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Elegant Floral Designs

Wedding Flora provides users with all the tools they need to create a beautiful production. Environments, backgrounds, overlays, titles and transitions can all be used together to create an exciting and cohesive final product. Environments can be placed on the main level of the timeline while the scene background can be placed on the level below. Titles and overlays can be dragged and dropped on top of environments while transitions must be placed between scenes.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Limitless Control

Wedding Flora’s control panel content is designed with ease-of-use in mind and at the same time it gives the user total control over scenes. Controls are divided into section so it’s easy to find specific attributes by category. Users can change camera movements, speeds, orientations, colors, text attributes and much more all within the inspector window.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Floral Titles & Overlays

Wedding Flora’s title introduction works beautifully as an opener for any project. The lower thirds in this package also blend nicely to any style. Simply drag and drop title elements on top of media, environments, or the included scene background. Wedding Flora comes with 4 beautiful overlays that can enhance any scene. Add beautiful particle effects, stunning light leaks and enhance scenes with butterfly and flower overlay tools that can be dynamically animated into scenes.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Wonderful Transitions

Wedding Flora’s scene presets provide plenty of time for intro and outro movements so that transitions can be placed between scenes and create a seamless environment. Utilize Wedding Flora’s 5 shape transitions which replicate the shapes of the environment and move through the scene while shots blend together in the background.


Wedding Flora Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Wedding Flora?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Wedding Flora in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.