Developers at Pixel Film Studios Announce ProDivide Gradients for Final Cut Pro X

Developers at Pixel Film Studios, creators of visual effect tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, announced the availability of Pro3rd Holidays enabling film editors to add winter-festive animated lower thirds to Final Cut Pro X projects.

By D. Austin
Dec. 6th, 2019

ProDivide Gradients presents an inventive way to display information and titles by splitting media to reveal your text. Each preset is professionally designed with customizable text, backgrounds, and elements. Modify the split, type in any text and change colors as you please. Simplify your life with ProDivide Selects from Pixel Film Studios.

Featuring 30 divider titles designed for Final Cut Pro X, users have lots of variety when displaying info titles. Plus, each ProDivide Selects preset is totally customizable and adaptable to any project and are compatible in any 16:9 project. (HD, 4K UHD, 5K UHD, etc.)

ProDivide Gradients features a unique way of displaying titles and information. ProDivide works by creating a split in your media revealing underlying text. The split can be offset horizontally, scaled in or out, and angled to add more excitement.

Changing the text is easy. Just select the current text. Delete it. Then, type in your new text. You can change colors, fonts, and much more.

Each ProDivide Gradients preset features a set of on-screen controls to help you easily adjust the size, position, and angle of your selected design. Adjust the size of the outer ring to change the size of the preset. Move the handle in an arc to adjust the rotation. Finally, click and drag the puck to move the focus group anywhere.

This plugin features a wide variety of elements. Backgrounds, text, bars, and additional elements can all be changed using color pickers and gradient bars. Using these tools, new color schemes can be applied in seconds.

Pro3rd Holidays screenshot

“Add charming winter-cheer with these elaborate lower thirds to any FCPX project!”

Each title is ready-to-use with pre-selected animations, but you can quickly change the animation of your title by selecting presets from drop-down menus. You can individually adjust the animation of any layer of text. Fine tune the animation on any design to your liking.

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