FCPX Overlay Erratic

Overlay Creation Tools for FCPX

FCPX Overlay Erratic is an overlay creation tool created exclusively for use within Final Cut Pro X.  With this overlay plugin, editors can make flashing and erratic animations of any texts, logos, and pictures without having to set a single keyframe.  FCPX Overlay Erratic works best with dark/grungy video footage.

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Creating with FCPX Overlay Erratic in Final Cut Pro X



Erratic & Flashing Effects

FCPX Overlay Erratic is the easiest way to create a custom erratic overlay of text and/or images within Final Cut Pro X.  Start by staggering .png images and/or texts in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.  Next, place FCPX Overlay Erratic over these assets and create a compound clip.  Lastly, place the compounded clip above video footage and select a blend mode that works best.



Intuitive Animation Controls

FCPX Overlay Erratic features intuitive slider controls that allow editors can control the degree of randomness in x, y, and z position.  Additionally, users may also control the degree of rotation randomness with the Z Rotation Amount slider.  Crank up the sliders to increase the variability of your assets orientation in 3D space.  Slide left to achieve a more controlled animation.



Stylization Filter Included

Included with FCPX Overlay Erratic is a stylization filter that allows users to add a touch of grunge to their overlay creation.  This stylization filter features glow options to help achieve a ghastly look and feel.  Additionally, adjust the bad tv parameters can add bits of hair, grain, and scratches to the scene.



Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

FCPX Overlay Erratic’s dark and grungy effects are created exclusively for use within Final Cut Pro X.  Create erratic and noisy effects with absolute ease using FCPX Overlay Erratic’s intuitive animation sliders.  Create new animations with the click of a mouse.  Achieve grungy effects without having to set a single keyframe.