Multiple Exposure Effects for FCPX

With ProBlend users now have the ability to create a multiple exposure all with in Final Cut Pro X. Users have full customization over levels, softness, erosion, hue, saturation, contrast, luminance, colorization, threshold, and much more with a click of a mouse. With over 50 presets the possibilities are truly endless.

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Stylized Effects with ProBlend in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Multiple Exposures in FCPX

With ProBlend users now have the ability to replicate a double exposure with in Final Cut Pro X. ProBlend works with either video or image files allowing each user to stylize their media in a whole new way. Users have full control over color, levels, light, hue, saturation, contrast, and more all with a click of a mouse.


Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Over 50 Effect Presets

With ProBlend users have over 50 fully customizable presets. Users may select within six main categories such as colorized drop zones, colorized sources, colorize both, uncolored originals, threshold sources and drop zones, threshold drop zones, and threshold sources. With ProBlend each category is specifically designed separately, to give the user flexibility over design and customization.


Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Complete Customization

ProBlend gives each user full customization over levels, luma rolloff, softness, erosion, brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, smooth and luminance contrast, invert, threshold colors, colorization, and more. With ProBlend the possibilities are truly endless with a click of a mouse all with in Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

ProBlend was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a FCPX effect, each ProBlend preset can be dragged and dropped onto the users media and previewed in real time. With the published parameters found in the FCPX inspector, users have the ability to make adjustments and stylize their very own stylized effect with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Installing ProBlend


How do I Install ProBlend in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios Effect.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProBlend Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to composite one clip inside the shadows or highlights of another video with the ProBlend Lesson.  
  Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Let's begin by selecting two video clips or images from the FCPX media library and stacking them in the timeline and making them the same length. Place the layer you want to use to fill the shadows or highlights on the bottom. Once, you have your videos in the timeline, go to the FCPX effects library to locate the ProBlend presets. Scan through the blend styles and select the one that best matches the look you want. Then, drag the effect onto your top layer in the Final Cut Pro X timeline. For this example, we will use an Original preset, which keeps the original colors of the images. Select this layer in the timeline. Click on the drop zone placeholder in the Inspector. Then click on the lower layer in the timeline, and press the blue "Apply Clip" button in the FCPX Viewer window. Once the video is in the drop zone, you can discard it by deleting or disabling it in the timeline by pressing “V” on your keyboard.
  Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Step 2 - Customizing the Blend

Now, let’s customize the look of our ProBlend effect. Select the ProBlend layer in the timeline and then go to the Inspector window. Use the Source controls to adjust the selection area for the transparency. If you rather see through the bright areas instead of the shadows, check the Invert button at the top. Once you have the fill area selection the way you want it, you can do the same with the Drop Zone controls. If you want the bottom layer to remain solid with no see through areas, you can turn the rolloff to zero.
  Professional - Stylized Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Final Touches

Now for Some Final Touches. To add a little extra style to our video let’s add a color gradient to our image. Use the Gradient Controls to adjust the colors, direction and opacity of the overlay. If you want to only apply the gradient to bottom layer, you will have to add the effect before you apply it to the drop zone.

ProBlend Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProBlend?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProBlend in the FCPX Effects library.