Film Noir Effects for FCPX

ProNoir gives users the ultimate package for enhancing footage with dark and mysterious Film Noir Effects. Create grimly cynical scenes full of stark lighting and contrast to give a bleak mood to any footage. Utilize Film Noir staples such as black and white, shadows, muted colors, fog and smoke, and customizable lighting effects. ProNoir provides the tools to turn any footage into a professional production straight from the Golden Age of film.

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Film Noir Effects with ProNoir in FCPX


Professional - Film Noir Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Set a Somber Tone to Any Video

The Film Noir genre is characterized by dark, shadowy sets with high-contrast lighting to give the viewer feelings of gloom. Users can create this dour mood in their videos by adding ProNoir effects to footage. The tools provided in this package allow users to create stylized detective, crime and mystery scenes with ease and are universal enough to be used in a much wider variety of projects.


Professional - Film Noir Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Advanced Effect Manipulation

ProNoir’s effects can all be customized freely inside Final Cut Pro X. To get started, users must drag and drop desired presets on top of clips within the timeline. Then, users can navigate to the Inspector window where they can edit all the attributes necessary to get the perfect noir looks. Control types such as sliders, dials and drop-down menus all come together to make editing inside Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Film Noir Effects for Final Cut Pro X

The Ultimate Noir Effect Package

ProNoir is filled to the brim with content. ProNoir includes 5 black & white threshold styles, 10 muted color styles, 5 pre-made fog animations, 5 lighting effects that draw from the source media, 5 lighting effects that overlay the media, 5 dust presets and 5 unique smoke animations. Each preset can be customized create all-new looks and a Master Effect preset that includes all the effects in one is also included.


Professional - Film Noir Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Add Volumetric Lighting

After darkening up the scene using ProNoir’s shadowy effect styles users can add volumetric lighting in to add further contrast and stylization. ProNoir’s lighting presets come in two styles. The beam style is a light that simply overlays the scene and can be repositioned and rotated using on-screen controls. The source style presets feed off of the underlying media and create beautiful, realistic light rays that move with the light of the scene itself. On-screen controls allow users to edit the Light Center, Ray Length, Diffusion Point and Mask the Light so that it only affects the masked area.


Professional - Film Noir Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Fog & Smoke Effects

Fog and Smoke are more staples of the noir genre that users can take advantage of using ProNoir. The 5 included smoke animations can be changed through a drop-down menu inside of any Smoke, or Master Effect preset. Users must choose a 1 second to 10 second preset based on how long the smoke animation will last. Users can adjust the speed of fog and use sliders to display totally new looks. Blend modes, opacities and more can also be changed for both fog and smoke presets.

Installing PRONOIR

How do I Install PRONOIR in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios FCPX Effect-Based plugin.  

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PRONOIR Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find PRONOIR?

Once the installation is complete, you can find PRONOIR in the FCPX Effects library.