ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2

Animating Paragraphs for FCPX

ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2 features 30 elegantly crafted animating paragraph presets.  Use ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2 for all multi-line FCPX project needs.  Great for invitations, descriptions, information and many other applications.  Pick and choose from beautiful designs with smooth animations that will enhance any website or media production. With various on screen controls, sliders, and color wheels, ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2 makes customizing any media simple. Make any video exquisite with ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2.

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Professional Animating Paragraphs in FCPX

Animating Paragraphs for FCPX

30 ProParagraph: Wedding Designs

ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2 is a package of 30 elegant, self-animating paragraphs designed for multi-lined text purposes.  Choose from presets with simplistically alluring designs that embody romanticism. ProParagraph: Wedding Volume 2’s outstanding designs consequently make it an essential component to any video production.

Animating Paragraphs for FCPX

Professional Animations

Decide from a large variety of inventive preset designs that capture the excitement of the big day! Each ProParagraph preset includes both an intro and outro animation, as well as the ability to lengthen the timing of the animation itself. Each preset is hand-crafted and animated to bring an elegant and graceful mood to any video production.