ProText Parallax

Text Parallax Tools for FCPX

ProText Parallax is a set of text tools that allows editors to insert text at different depths into a scene.  ProText Parallax combines the ease of on-screen controls and simplistic sliders to achieve amazing effects with absolute ease.  Creating naturally paralleling text without having to set a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X.

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Creating with ProText Parallax in Final Cut Pro X

Professional Text Tools for FCPX

Seamlessly Incorporate Text

ProText Parallax allows Final Cut Pro X editors to seamlessly add text into the a scene with absolute ease.  First, adjust the Z position of text or texts to achieve different text depths.  Next, utilize two simple on-screen controls to match the camera animation within your video footage.  To match the movement of dolly-in and dolly-out camera shots, utilize the “Dolly” slider provided in controls section to and tweak the Angle of View to match the speed of the shot.  ProText Parallax works with both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional text.

Professional Text Tools for FCPX

3D Visualization with Edit Mode

The “Edit Mode” checkbox allows users to better visualize text in 3-dimensional space from an angled perspective.  Vary depth in “Edit Mode” to better understand the relative distances of each text. Remember to uncheck before rendering or exporting the video.

Professional Text Tools for FCPX

Angle of View & Depth of Field

Adjust the “Angle of View ” slider to perfectly match the degree of parallax between text and the movement within a given video clip.  Decrease the Angle of View to create less movement for slow-moving slider shots.  Alternatively, increase the Angle of View to match the dynamics of fast-moving video clips.  Editors can create the illusion of Depth of Field using blur options found in the text controls section in the inspector window.   Decrease the font size and boost the blur to create the illusion of text in the distance.

Professional Text Tools for FCPX

Exclusively created for Final Cut Pro X

ProText Parallax is created exclusively for use within in Final Cut Pro X.  Parallax text with up to four different depths and match the camera movement of any video footage.  With ProText parallax, video editors can flawlessly insert text into scenes with just two simple on-screen controls.  Pixel Film Studios makes amazing text paralleling effects easy to achieve with intuitive style and functional controls.