Instant-Photo Effects for FCPX

From instant photo effects to hipster grades to washed vintage looks, you can create every photographic look you could ever want in Final Cut Pro X with Proto from Pixel Film Studios. This collection of over 50 Photo filters can be applied, adjusted, and customized directly in FCPX. PROTO includes selective focus and frame styles to help you complete your photographic look.

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Color Grading with FCPX Proto: Volume 1 in Final Cut Pro X


 Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Over 50 FCPX Photo Filters

Proto: Volume 1 was professionally created to imitate the look of numerous still picture cameras, including instant, vintage, and hipster looks. With 50 different photographic presets to choose from, Proto: Volume 1 can give any film footage the perfect photo look.


Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Selective Focus Controls

Use the on-screen controls in the FCPX Viewer window to customize the focal point of your image. Simply grab control of the handle to control the position of your blur in the image. Then use the slider in the FCPX Inspector to calibrate the amount of blur.


Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Party Like It’s 1869

From last decade to last century, make your film look like a blast from the past in Final Cut Pro X with Proto: Volume 1 from Pixel Film Studios. From sepia tones to instant photo looks to color burns and vignettes, Proto has every photographic effect you would ever want for FCPX.


Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Customizable in FCPX

Proto: Volume 1 was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a FCPX effect, Proto: Volume 1 plugins can be dragged and dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time without rendering. With easy-to-use controls that can be found in the FCPX inspector, you can calibrate your photographic look in a few clicks of a mouse.


Installing Proto

How do I Install Proto in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios effect plugin package.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

FCPX Colorist Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to create and customize your own photo filters directly inside of FCPX with the Proto: Volume 1 Lesson.  
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

STEP 1 - Preparing The Timeline

Let’s begin by selecting our footage from the FCPX media library. Then locate Proto: Volume 1 in the FCPX Effects library. Browse through the variety of Proto presets. For this example we will be using the Pro-X three preset. Click and drag the preset directly on top of your media. Then select your media and go to the inspector window.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

STEP 2 - Effect Controls

Let’s begin by adjusting the Color Effect amount. This slider adjust the intensity of the color preset you have chosen. You can then select a blur effect. Next we will adjust the Border Parameters. First you can decide if you want a border or not by simply clicking the Border checkbox. You can then adjust the Border Width and Height.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

STEP 3 - Circle & Gradient Blur

Once you have the Border Parameters set you can move down to the Circle and Gradient Blur Parameters. Depending on what Blur setting you chose above is the blur section you will adjust. For this example we will cover both sections. We will start with the Circle Blur Parameters. Begin by adjusting the Circle blur center and circle blur amount. You can make these same adjustments with the on screen controls in the viewer window. Click and Drag the center control puck to the position the circle blur. Adjust the blur amount by clicking and dragging the outside of the circle. Next we will go over the Gradient Blur Parameters. In this section you have two gradient blurs that are on the right and left of your screen. You can adjust their position and amount by adjusting the designated sliders. These same adjustments can also be altered with the on screen controls in the viewer window. Clicking and dragging the far right control puck controls the end point of the blur. The far left control puck controls the start point of the blur.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Final Touches

Now for some Final Touches. Photo: Volume 1 comes with a wide variety of different photo filter presets which you can combine to make a new authentic filter. Take advantage of all the opportunities and add another preset your media.

Proto Volume 1 Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Proto Volume 1?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Proto Volume 1 in the FCPX effects library.

Troubleshooting Proto Volume 1

How do I apply Proto Volume 1 to a clip?

First select the clip you wish to effect in the timeline. Then scrub your cursor over the Proto Volume 1 presets in the FCPX effects library to preview them in real time.

How do I customize the look of Proto Volume 1?

Once you have applied Proto Volume 1 to a clip… Select the clip in the timeline. You will see a new set of parameters in the FCPX Inspector. Use these parameters to control the look of the Proto Volume 1 effect.

How do I copy Proto Volume 1 settings?

You can copy Proto Volume 1 settings from one clip to another. Select the effected clip in the timeline and press Cmd+Opt+C Then select the second clip and press Cmd+Opt+V

I am getting a Red Screen with a Yellow Exclamation Point, how is this fixed?

This usually occurs due to either an Installation error, or its just that your FCPX version is out of date. You can upgrade, its simple and usually free in the Apple App Store. If your operating system is out of date, that may need to be updated first, in order to update the other relying software.

What Version of FCPX does this require?

You will need to make sure your version of the software is updated to at least version 10.2.1, and this may require an OS update, which should be available for free in the App Store.