Slam Dunk

Sports Theme for FCPX

Slam Dunk is a basketball cartoon theme made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Create new camera angles using simple controls to frame photos and videos in unique ways. Slam Dunk contains environments with up to 3 drop zones + text, a background key, title opener, basketball stat sidebars, a scoreboard tool, a self-animating stat generator, a basketball overlay and sports themed transitions. Create an awesome cartoon sports video with Pixel Film Studios' themes today.

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Sports Themes with Slam Dunk! in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Cartoon Basketball Theme

Slam Dunk comes with a fully customizable basketball court setting that can be displayed with or without animated text and up to 3 drop zones per shot. Users can adjust scenes to match the style they are looking for by using the tint color picker and the intensity of the tint. Change the time of day, the location or the season by using these simple color controls. Users can also create new background layouts by clicking on the new background generators to perfect the layout of their environments. Slam Dunk gives the user limitless control over style with tools that anyone can use.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Completely Customizable

The environment in this package is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Simply navigate to the inspector window and find an array of simplified controls for the user to create an endless amount of unique shots. Change the exact position and rotation that the camera starts and ends. Then, edit the speed of the camera, the position of drop zones, the style of the environment and more using intuitive sliders.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Editable Scoreboard Tool

Take advantage of Slam Dunk’s editable scoreboard tool to show off the scores of any basketball game. The text is editable so that users can change the name of the court, the names of the teams and all the accompanying stats freely inside Final Cut Pro X. The color scheme can be changed to match new styles and the timer can be animated to count down for added realism.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Sidebar Stats & Title Opener

Slam Dunk comes with a basketball-themed opener. This title introduction features a cartoon design and 3d text that wriggles in front of the camera. Utilize the title opener to introduce a scene, setting, or character in any Final Cut Pro X production. Slam Dunk also comes with animating player stat cards that enter the scene from the left, or right side and can be edited to fill the entire screen, or a small portion of it. Show off individual players’ unique stats and biographies using Slam Dunk for Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Display Individual Stats

Slam Dunk comes with an animating stat tool that can enter the scene from the left, right, top and bottom sides of the screen, or appear centered from the beginning without any animation. To change the animation, select the desired type from a drop-down menu. Then, edit the text to write in the statistic that is going to be displayed. Finally, adjust the start and end numbers displayed on the basketball to complete the process.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Cartoon Backdrop for Text & Media

Slam Dunk contains an exciting basketball park background that gives Final Cut Pro X users a tool for displaying text, keyed media or overlays over a beautiful cartoon park with a 3D camera. Customize every aspect including the tint of the scene, the movement of the camera, and the placement of scene elements. Add the basketball overlay on top of backgrounds, or footage to add some cartoon styled basketballs to any production.


Professional - Sports Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Basketball Transitions

Slam Dunk comes with four cartoon transitions including two wipes, a zooming frame transition, and a 3D environment transition that frames from one drop zone to the next. Easily customize each of these hand-drawn presets using sliders and color wheels within Final Cut Pro X. To use Slam Dunk’s transitions simply select a preset and place it between two clips in Final Cut Pro X.


Slam Dunk Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Slam Dunk?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Slam Dunk in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.