Bundle Discount

Discounts and Sales

On this page, we will walk through our sales information. Please note all discounts are applied automatically in the cart. Coupons cannot be stacked with other coupons or be used during site sales. Only one discount will be able to apply to an order at a time.

Bundle Discount

The bundle discount tool is a great way for customers to save money on bigger purchases. When you add 5 or more products to your cart, you will automatically receive 25% off the order. The bundle discount does not stack with other sales.

Sale of the Day

Every day, Pixel Film Studios holds a sale on a select product(s) for 24 hours starting at Midnight Pacific Standard Time. The discount will only be applied to the selected products and those products will be on our Sale of the Day page.

Rewards Coupons

Rewards coupons are earned with every $100 spent on our store. You get $10 off for each $100 spent, scaling up to $100 max.
To access these coupons, you must install the PFS APP and go to the Rewards section of the app. There you should be able to copy the coupon code.
Each coupon must be used on an order of at least $1 over the value for the coupon – not including VAT Taxes if applicable.
So for example, your order must be $11 or more to use the $10 coupon, $21 or more to use the $20 coupon, and so on.

Additional Coupon & Discount Information

If you have any trouble applying coupons, please check our help page on troubleshooting coupons and discounts.