Coupons and Discounts Not Applying


On this page we will walk through some steps for troubleshooting coupons and discounts. Please note that you must be logged in to your Pixel Film Studios account to be able to use discounts and coupons. Review the scenarios below to identify why your Pixel Film Studios Coupons and Discounts are not being accepted.

Discount coupons and My Rewards voucher codes cannot be combined with items currently on sale. However, these codes do not have an expiration date, allowing you to utilize them on specific products once the sales have concluded. Items on sale of the day rotate every 24 hours. You can view our sale of the day here.

Reason #1

Your cart has 5 or more plugins, and that is causing the Bundle Discount to apply to the order. Since coupons and discounts cannot be stacked, the bundle discount will be the only applicable discount.


Remove plugins from your cart until you have 4 plugins or less, then apply your coupon and checkout. You will have to check out 2 or more times depending on the amount of plugins you are purchasing if you are trying to use a different discount.

Reason #2

You may not be logged into your account. If you are using a coupon from your rewards app, you are required to be logged into the same Pixel Film Studios account as the account logged in on the PFS App. This is because these codes are tied specifically to your account.


Login to your Pixel Film Studios account and then reapply the coupon code. Please also note that you must have at least the value of the coupon in the cart to check out. If you are using a $30 coupon, the cart’s value must be at least $30.

Reason #3

Your discount coupon may have already been used. If you are using a coupon from your rewards app that has already been used there is not a way for it to be used again. Each coupon generated by the PFS App is a one-time use coupon.


If you have another coupon that you have not used you can do so if it is applicable to your current cart.

Reason #4

The sale has ended. Every sale is valid for a 24 hour period. If you try to checkout after the sale has ended, you may get an error saying the coupon is not valid.


Remove the plugin(s) from your cart. Then add the plugin(s) back and checkout.

Reason #5

You received an email for a plugin sale, but the product page displays the plugin as normal price.


Add the plugin to your cart and go to the cart page. You will see the discount appear on the product page as long as the plugin is still on sale.

Reason #6

When checking out there is an offer to add a plugin for 25% off but the discount doesn’t appear with a discount appearance.


The discount is already applied. Review the subtotal and the actual total for the cart. The total will be lower than the subtotal. These offers do show up as discounts. They automatically apply to the total cart price.

Applying Discounts and Coupons Information

Learn about applying discounts and coupons on our help page below.