How to Uninstall a Plugin

How to Uninstall

In this video we will walk you through how to uninstall a Pixel Film product from your computer.


Do not remove FxPlug apps unless you no longer have any Pixel Film Studios plugins installed into Final Cut Pro. Plugins do share FxPlugs so deleting them can cause red screens for remaining plugins still installed into Final Cut Pro.

Manually Uninstall A Plugin

Manual uninstallation is very quick and should only take about 1 minute to complete.

First, make sure you know where your plugin is installed to. You can check the FAQ on the Product’s Page in order to verify which Final Cut Pro libraries your specific plugin installs into as some plugins may install into multiple Motion Template folders. Watch the video on this page on how to find information about a plugin.

Once you know the location of your plugin’s motion templates, open your Finder and press Shift Command C to reveal your Macintosh HD then follow the file path below.

Macintosh HD > Users > Your User > Movies > Motion Templates

Inside the Motion Templates folder you will see the Effects, Generators, Titles, and Transitions folders. Locate the files for the plugin you want to uninstall and right click on the file.

For example, we want to delete the FCPX Auto Tracker plugin. We know based on the FAQ on the product page that this plugin installs into the Titles and Effects folders. Knowing this, we will locate the files called “Pixel Film Studios – FCPX Auto Tracker” and delete them from the Titles and Effects folders.

Once they are removed, the plugin will no longer be installed in Final Cut Pro.

Uninstall A Plugin with the PFS App

If you are logged into the PFS App with the same account that you have your product order on, you can use the Uninstall tab in the PFS App to uninstall a plugin. This will only work if the plugin has the same name it is downloaded under. If you have renamed the file in the Motion Templates the PFS App will not be able to detect the files to uninstall.

Locate the plugin you wish to uninstall and press the Uninstall button. It’s that simple!

*Please note this option is currently not available for plugins included in the Mega Packs or Suites. Any plugin installed from these will have to be uninstalled manually.

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