Pixel Film Studios unleashes the 3D Freeze Frame Mega Pack

Freeze frames in style with the FCPX 3D Freeze Frame Mega Pack, combining all the classic 3D freeze frame styles from Pixel Film Studios.

By L. Silver
Oct. 22, 2020

Aliso Viejo, California — Pixel Film Studios’ 3D Freeze Frame Mega Pack is now available on the company’s store. With 14 categories and over 190 freeze frame styles, this mega pack has something for any project. With free updates in the works, creators will never run out of freeze frame options.

“The FCPX 3D Freeze Frame Mega Pack has innovative freeze frame options befitting any scenario,” said Lynn Silver, Media Manager of Pixel Film Studios. “Whether you need an Urban Freeze Frame for an action-packed cinematic character introduction, or a Corporate Freeze Frame shot for a professional commercial, you’ll be sure to find the perfect freeze frame in this mega pack.”

An example of how to use a 3D Freeze Frame in the timeline.

Using a 3D Freeze Frame style is as easy as dragging and dropping above a hold frame


Place a Hold Frame, then Drag and Drop

3D Freeze Frames are designed for ease of use. Creators will need to create a hold frame in their footage. Then, they’ll choose their favorite 3D Freeze Frame preset from the Titles menu, and drag it into the timeline above the hold frame. Once they ensure the freeze frame is the same duration as the hold frame, they can edit the text in the inspector.


An example of the controls for 3D Freeze Frames

With the user friendly controls in the inspector, creators can customize every freeze frame to their liking


Customizable and User Friendly

FCPX 3D Freeze Frames all come with easy to use controls in the Title and Text inspector.
Creators will use the masking tool to draw around the subject they want to frame. Then, adjustments can be made on virtually every aspect of the freeze frame in the Title inspector.

Not only can users choose from over 190 presets, each one can be edited to fit perfectly within any project. With the user friendly inspector tools, creators can make adjustments to animations, timing, lighting, rotation, scale, and much more. And any font can be applied to the freeze frame text, giving the shot a unique look.


Free Future Updates

The FCPX 3D Freeze Frame library will continue to expand with future updates.

At a fixed price of $29.95, FCPX 3D Freeze Frame Mega Pack is available now at pixelfilmstudios.com. Additional product information, including system requirements, can be found on the product page here.



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