Harmonic Joy

Wedding Theme for FCPX

Harmonic Joy is a wedding theme that includes over 45 environment shots.  Dyanimc sweeps, booms, slides, and dollys allow Final Cut Pro X users to easily make a professional video with less editing time.  Create a wedding montage or create an invitation video without a single keyframe.  Choose elegant bokeh transitions to seamlessly cut from scene to scene. Is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive.

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Wedding Themes with Harmonic Joy in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Wedding Theme for FCPX

Harmonic Joy invokes feelings of happiness and bliss.  Get ready for the big day with a promotional video made with one of Pixel Film Studios Final Cut Pro X exclusive themes.  Create a wedding invitation video or a romantic montage of photographs/videos with this soft design.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Particle Controls

Change the color scheme of this beautiful environment in a multitude of ways.  Easily click on a color dab and activate an easy color wheel that allows a chooser for Earth’s entire spectrum of colors.  Alter the background color, particles, and even the light color.  Match the colors of the particles of the environment to the colors of the media for an awesome look.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Drag & Drop Ease

Pixel Film Studios allows FCPX users to easily apply media into the drop zones.  Simply drag a generator into the timeline and click the blue “apply” button.  Activate on screen controls for the drop zone by double clicking. This will allow the scaling and positioning of pictures and videos alike.


Professional - Wedding Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Customizable in FCPX

Select the customizable generator, title, or transition and look to the top right of the FCPX window to find the inspector window.  All the published parameters will be adjustable, and intuitive with the help of easy to use sliders, drop down menus, and color wheels.  Easily create a professional video without the hassle of keyframes or intense editing ability.


Harmonic Joy Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Harmonic Joy?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Harmonic Joy in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.