ProText Layouts Volume 4

Kinetic Typography Layouts for FCPX

ProText: Layouts Vol. 4 is a set of 30 self-animating kinetic text layouts created exclusively for use within Final Cut Pro X. With ProText: Layouts, video editors can create an enthusiastic typography video with absolute ease. Utilize intuitive controls to alter animations to match the length and scale of texts. Creating text-based videos has honestly never been easier.

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Text Animations with ProText: Layouts Volume 4 in FCPX


Professional - Text Animations for Final Cut Pro X

30 Kinetic Layouts

ProText: Layouts Vol. 4 includes 30 shape inspired kinetic text layouts with original designs and animations. Create amazing videos with adjustable Intros and Outros. Stack ProText: Layouts Vol. 4 presets to transition from one kinetic text animation to the next. ProText: Layouts is the absolute easiest way to create dynamic typography videos without setting a single keyframe.


Professional - Text Animations for Final Cut Pro X

Place Over Any Media

ProText: Layouts Vol. 4 can be placed above pictures, videos, and generators within Final Cut Pro X. To use ProText: Layouts Vol. 4, simply start by placing any supported media into the FCPX timeline. Next choose a ProText preset and place it directly above the media. Adjust the length of the ProText preset to adjust the time that ProText animation stays on the screen.


Professional - Text Animations for Final Cut Pro X

Intuitive Animation Controls

ProText: Layouts Vol. 4 can be easily manipulated with text of any size, scale, and tracking. View the inspector window on the right to find “Intro” and “Outro” animation controls for each preset. Alter the position, animation amount, and scale of text to get any message across. The possibilities are so endless with ProText: Layouts Vol. 4.


Professional - Text Animations for Final Cut Pro X

Lively & Original Animations

ProText: Layouts Vol. 4’s presets are loaded with creative Intro and Outro animations. Choose from presets with flipping, scaling, masking, bouncing, sweeping, and rotating animations. Presets include all types of shapes and elements. Non Motion Blurred and Motion Blurred presets are both included. ProText: Layouts Vol. 4’s vibrant style keeps audiences engaged and interested.