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Trailers for Final Cut Pro X

ProTrailer: Party is a new and exciting set of self animating title generators for Final Cut Pro X. ProTrailer: Party contains 30 amazingly styled and detailed presets, allowing FCPX users to immerse their audience into the party. With over 25 keyframe-less kinetic animations to reveal each title, these titles will help film makers save time while adding professional titles to every project.

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Trailer Titles with ProTrailer: Party in FCPX


Professional - Trailer Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

30 Beautifully Designed Presets

ProTrailer: Party comes with 30 beautifully designed presets for users to begin the editing process. Every party-influenced style is represented, from club-themed titles, to elegant and cleanly styled text for banquets and new years eve parties. Each style can be uniquely customized to fit any theme or project.


Professional - Trailer Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Numerous Custom Control Options

Every style in ProTrailer: Party comes with limitless customization controls. Each individual preset includes everything from lighting and text animation controls, to custom on-screen buttons for lens flare placement. These generators can even be placed over footage with the environment disabled, for amazing revealing text styles that will leave the audience in awe.


Professional - Trailer Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Keyframeless Animations

ProTrailer: Party includes over 25 different kinetic intro text animations. FCPX users also have the ability to select moveable camera behaviors, along with sequencing directional control options to allow each word to animate by individual letter, word, or phrase. All these movements are keyframe-less, eliminating the need for extensive animating.


Professional - Trailer Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Designed For FCPX

ProTrailer: Party is an FCPX exclusive plugin designed by Pixel Film Studios. ProTrailer: Party fully utilizes all the 3D text features of Final Cut Pro X, while adding easy-to-use environment controls, camera options and text animations for new levels of excitement. These generators can be used in their pre-made environments, or placed over images or videos.


Installing ProTrailer: Party


How do I Install ProTrailer: Party in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios Generator.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProTrailer Party Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

While we do not have an exact Lesson yet for the particular ProTrailer yet, we do have a lesson below for another volume of ProTrailer which should help FCPX users with the workflow and editing process of a ProTrailer Generator. A lesson for this ProTrailer can be found on this page in the near future.  

ProTrailer Party Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProTrailer Party?

Once the installation is complete, you can find this ProTrailer in the FCPX Generator library.

What Version of FCPX do I need to run ProTrailers?

In order to fully utilize the ProTrailer's 3D Text, you must be updated to FCPX version 10.2.1 This also may require an OS update if you don't see an FCPX update available in your App Store.

Are there Minimum System Requirements for ProTrailers?

The main factor in render times with ProTrailers is the computers Graphics Cards. Check your computer Graphics Card in your Master System Settings ("About This Mac" section) and contact us and we can tell you what will work and what wont. Most AMD and Nvidia cards are find, while most Intel cards are not.

What fonts were used in the Promo Video?

Here is the font list from ProTrailer Party
Style 1: Agero
Style 2: Bebas / Bebas Neue
Style 3: Hotel Oriental / Castorgate Upright
Style 4: Base 45
Style 5: Rounded Elegance / Tall Dark & Handsome
Style 6: Stainy Personal Use Only / Sessions
Style 7: Strasua
Style 8: VomZom
Style 9: The Bold Font
Style 10: Vipnagorgialla
Style 11: Bebas / Brush Script STD
Style 12: Bauwerck
Style 13: Cubop
Style 14: Code Bold
Style 15: Helvetica Neue
Style 16: JK Abode
Style 17: Virgo 01 / Noodlescript
Style 18: Vermin Vibes Mert
Style 19: TImeline / Bebas
Style 20: Bebas / Stainy Personal Use Only
Style 21: Remachine Script Personal Use
Style 22: Virgo 01
Style 23: Helvetica Neue
Style 24: Ballpark
Style 25: Motion Picture Personal Use
Style 26: Helvetica
Style 27: Woodwarrior / Dolce Vita Heavy
Style 28: Dolce Vita Heavy
Style 29: Korataki / Futurist Fixed Width
Style 30: Bebas
These fonts can be downloaded for free at either or

Troubleshooting ProTrailer Party

Im trying to use a ProTrailer Generator and it seems unusable, is there anything I can do to fix this?

ProTrailer plugins utilize FCPX three-dimensional text which relies heavily on your computers Graphics Card. If you are using a preset with Motion Blur, you may want to resort to a motion-blur free preset. Also, clear your FCPX render files, and disable the background render in your FCPX preferences. Those two settings along will drastically speed up the workflow within FCPX.