Pixel Film Studios rolls out FCPX Characters and Props

Pixel Film Studios rolls out FCPX Characters and Props for Final Cut Pro X users

By L. Silver
Oct. 27, 2020

Aliso Viejo, California — Pixel Film Studios’ new plugin, FCPX Characters and Props, is now available on the company’s store. FCPX Characters and Props is a collection of hand drawn assets featuring 21 unique character animations and over 100 props. The pack is always growing with free updates, including the recent Halloween update featuring dozens of spooky props.

FCPX Characters and Props is incredibly helpful for any presentation or infographics video,” said Lynn Silver, Media Manager of Pixel Film Studios. “It’s proven that an audience is more engaged when a video creator adds compelling visuals to their video, and FCPX Characters and Props takes the guesswork out of that.”

An example of how to use the FCPX Character and Props plugin

By using a presenter character and a few props, the information is much easier for the audience to visualize


21 Unique Animations to Choose From

Users can choose from smooth animations including Walk In, Look Up, or Elevator In/Out to give life to the characters they have on screen. Animations connect together seamlessly to create different scenes. With the on screen controls, creators can rescale or reposition the character with the click of a mouse.

With several different options including skin tone, facial expression, outfit, hair, face and expression, there are hundreds of possibilities for the look of each character.


An example of the many possibilities you can achieve with character customization

With the ability to customize outfits, hair, faces and accessories, users can create hundreds of different character looks


Over 100 Different Props to Choose From and Customize

Not only are there over 100 hand drawn props to use, their appearance and animation can be customized to perfection. Users can easily transform the object using the on-screen controls, and adjust any color to fit the scene. Every prop comes with simple animations that can be applied and adjusted.

Designed to Save Users Time

FCPX Characters and Props is designed to be easy to use. Users will simply need to drag a preset into the timeline. Then, they’ll just need to apply an in animation, such as a “Walk In.” Next, the character will need one or more through animations in the scene, like “Look Up.” Once the character is no longer needed, an out animation such as “Elevator Out” will complete the sequence. No keyframes here!


An example of a character in a scene full of props.

Entire scenes can be created from the endless options included in FCPX Characters and Props


Free Future Updates

FCPX Characters and Props will continue to grow with future updates.

At a fixed price of $29.95, FCPX Characters and Props is available now at pixelfilmstudios.com. Additional product information, including system requirements, can be found on the product page here.



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